Unreal Engine 4.20 Preview

Any news on Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51650) ?
Targeted fix is 4.20 but it doesn’t seem to be in any of the lists

Loving the new changes! Noticed that the new cinematic depth of field looks great at 1080p but starts to have issues like this at higher resolutions: New Cinematic DOF Pixelated Outlines Issue - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Could someone please point me to the** “list of supported webcams & HDMI capture devices” **mentioned under VR/AR Updates? Thanks so much!

VR/AR Updates:

  • Mixed Reality Capture: Early Access. The early access Mixed Reality Capture support has three components: video input, calibration, and in-game compositing. We have a list of supported webcams and HDMI capture devices that enable you to pull real world green screened video into the Engine from a variety of sources. ‘

Any news/documentation on Volume Textures? The Trello board suggested this was coming in 4.20…?

Blaze it !!! Wanted to say that since 4.18. Great update btw :slight_smile:

Wow finaly alembic and dof! thank Epic!

Nice! Any update on dynamic resolution scaling on PC?

Also still having memory leaks. Did Epic even give a statement or something? Even your top Fortnite twitch streamers are forced to restart their whole game after a couple of matches.

Yes, transmission is added for dynamic lights. I just opened their photoreal character example in 4.20.

Thanks I can see the hook in the lights but it’s a barely noticable effect on the skin. There’s also no hook in the skin shader for transmission? Backscatter as it was previously listed is purely for the soft top level SSS not true backscatter or transmission as Epic call it now. I hope on full release their will be indepth documentation.

I did notice that the directional light didn’t do what I’d expect, but the spotlights were working fine, if a little weak by default but I wasn’t using any correct values or exposure. You can adjust both the specular lobe roughness and transmission settings in the Subsurface Profile actor. I’m not sure how they correlate with the material properties though, perhaps just a multiplier to what is set in the profile?

Thanks. Yeah I just tried the spotlights, slightly better but not much control. There is very little control over the transmission, seperating it from backscatter (overall skin depth). There doesn’t seem to be a way to ramp up the SSS transmission, nor any control over how soft it can be. If we take the sort of controls that Toolbag 3 offers for example. Directional lights seem to do nothing! I will mess around some more.

HISM navigation is broken, similar to the issues that were in 4.17. Hopefully, this time it gets fixed until the final release.

Are the Material Layers accessible through BPs at runtime in 4.20? This is a feature our dev team has been waiting for as well. I know the 4.20 Preview 1 is released just recently but I have not seen any news regarding to this feature that’s been talked about.

Yes depth of field have artifacts.
and what changed about alembic?? Its take same amount of time and ram for importing large alembic files(skeletal animation) :frowning:

I really really hope the issue of spawning particles and having secondary materials gets fixed in 4.20. or at least make it so we can export chunks again.

Well it turns out that the configuration sections for navigation were renamed and are not being automatically converted. So you need to change your DefaultEngine.ini.

The new depth of field is nothing short of incredible:

I started a game from scratch with new version, and do a C++ class, create a blueprint as the C++ class as it’s base, edit mesh, crash. This has happened multiple times now. Now my engine won’t re-build and can’t do anything with it.

Editor crashes after interacting with the viewport for more than a couple seconds for me. I sent a crash report.