Unreal Engine 4.17 Preview

Still no check box for [Create MMO]… <frowns>


Agreed. Absolutely un-devable.

Bent Normals are really intriguing, but I can’t download the new version yet. Does anyone have any screenshots?

Opacity mask dithering appears to be broken? It’s all blocky compared to 4.16.

Hoe can i used gradle?

What’s this? It looks cool!

Does the compositing features include an effect to allow shadows to be cast against the images/video?

Like matte/shadow in 3ds max.

Where is the juicy C# and .net core upgrade from bp mess? meh…
Judging by the patchnotes and roadmaps the engine is being worked on less and less, no goodies to improve engine/APi usability like scripting without having to touch C++ at all, or new API doc’s that humans can understand.

Are you on the right forum? There’s a whole 'nother engine already for writing awful, non-portable code and then endlessly patting yourself on the back for it while your software is breaking for most of your end-users. :slight_smile:

Where do we find more details on what this bent normal map thing does?

(Experimental) Shaders are now supported in Plugins and Projects

How has no one commented on this? This is huge! I can’t wait to dig into this when time allows. I knew it was possible by playing in the engine’s shader directory, but that was hacky.

Composure Compositing Plugin

Equally excited about this.

These changes are moving in an excellent direction.

waiting for arkit…

We already knew/used it for a while :smiley:

Reading all of the master commits on github might seem like a waste of time, but it’s probably the most effective way to stay up to date with the engine.

arkit is a 4.18 feature I believe.

GearVR controller component not working/missing in 4.17P1. Was working fine in 4.16 binary :frowning:

Answerhub post: GearVR controller component missing from 4.17P1 - UE4 AnswerHub

I only really care for seeing this fixed…

It’s only the highest voted issue… no biggie.

But seriously, this issue is way overdue for a fix, c’mon epic.

“this engine update doesn’t include my vague requirements therefore it is not being worked on at all”

Fatal error: [File:D:\Build++UE4+Release-4.17+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11VertexDeclaration.cpp] [Line: 49]
“Unknown RHI vertex element type 0”

This happens when starting PIE. Not many clues why this happen.

I heard it’s on Github and will be merged in for 4.17.1

using #include in custom material expressions immediately crashes the editor. We have significant shader code that needs to be pulled in this way that works very well in 4.16. I hope this does not mean a dead end.