Unreal Engine 4.16 Preview

Is this new cloth core tool supported in mobile?

The new audio engine is going to blow my mind :open_mouth: Hopefully all critical nativization crashes and issues can be fixed for the 4.16 release.

Any info about HW cursor support that seems to be in now?

Custom Hardware Cursors have options for setting them up under the Project Settings (under ‘User Interface’), and can be loaded from Blueprints.


Great job Epic

Woah! Awesome!
Time to retire my signature :slight_smile:

This is… way more than I expected. I love you guys.

Did control rig sequences (from the GDC demo) not end up in 4.16?
Edit: It was a plugin. I couldn’t get it to work with my character though which is basically a mannequinn rig.

Converted a fresh checkout of my project to 4.16 and I can’t get it to compile. All the *.generated.h files spit out a bunch of “#define syntax” errors around various defines, eg

#define 4_16_Source_EloHell_EchoStar_Actors_EloHellAIController_h_13_RPC_WRAPPERS \
	{ \
		*(ABaseUnit**)Z_Param__Result=this->GetUnit(); \

Any idea what the issue might be?

At 17796 errors it’s definitely one of the larger number of errors I’ve encountered but having several errors in every single header will do that.


I can’t find the Cloth Paint editor anywhere… the one shown in at 27:00. It should be in the skeletal mesh viewer but I can’t find it.

Do I have to enable any specific option? Thanks!

The “Fog cutoff distance” does not seem to work correctly with the volumetric fog, once you are below a certain Z height everything becomes fogged, no matter what the cutoff distance is:

Is that a bug?

I find it quite hard to get good results with the volumetric fog outdoors. It looks nice, but I kinda hoped it could replace screen space light shafts. Its basically impossible though to get nice light shafts without having everything be really fogged.

Everything looks quite washed out when you have the volumetric fog enabled. If you want to get any relevant light shafts, you need to increase the fog density so much that you won’t see any sky any more, the sky will just be a uniform white (the fog color), like you see in the gif above.

Something like this (screen space lightshaft) is not possible with the new volumetric fog it seems:

I guess it would have been too nice if it would have looked as good as the screen space light shafts, without the limitation of being a screen space effect that disappears when looking in a different direction.

Did you previously use 4.15? There were a large amount of header changes that came with 4.15, so if you haven’t updated your project to work with that - you’ll have to do it with 4.16.

Likely your header file is missing the following includes:

#include "UObject/ObjectMacros.h"
#include "UObject/ScriptMacros.h"

Can we have fog and volumetric at the same time ? I can’t find anything to keep the fog enabled.

Can we have volumetric effect without enabling the light ? Maybe with particules ?

It will be possible to chose a shape for the volumetric source (area shape for example) ? Or something to avoid “point” source, an offset of it maybe ?

Volumetric don’t seems to be affected by the Source Radius, I’m not sure it was intended, Source Length works.

It will be very cool to have the ability to disable the source brightness btw, if I have a light saber to do it’s cool, but I usualy have my own models and emissives.

Tweak the shape of the volumetric with a spot light independently of the Inner Cone Angle and Outer Cone Angle coulde be very nice as well.

Cheers !

I’m curious if volumetric fog is mostly setup to work for realistic scenarios. Typically light shafts exist only where these is fog, dust, or haze. Also post processing/tone mapping settings might help a bit foggy look.

Doubled the garbage collection speed? :o Well done!

The new volume fog with particles is great, perfect timing with my galaxy stuff.

Woohoo awesome sauce! :smiley:

I hoped the animation tools (edit animations inside unreal) would be added in 4.16… Is it 4.17 then?

Someone made a great suggestion for the particle volume fog on discord, how hard would it be for you guys to add the ability for particles to subtract from fog density as well as add?