Unreal Engine 4.16 Preview

Helloz, everyone! I decided to test out 4.16 for the cloth tool and a couple other things too. The cloth paint tool works good with creating new physics assets and retouching up the influences of older assets. there is a few things i noticed that could also be integrated with this.

  1. such as allowing UE4 to use it’s own collision assets and collision channel to work with cloth physics.
  2. the next is changing the max bone limit on painted influences to at least 6. the limit is 4, but 6 is commonly used on upper character torsos for smoother bends. neck, spine 3, Clavicle L, Clavicle R, Upper Arm L, Upper Arm R = 6.
  3. then lastly, allowing to paint special influences on hard objects attached to cloth assets (like buttons and zippers) to move not as cloth objects but more like something in-conjunction with it. I don’t know if Nvidia ever found a solution for hard objects and cloth objects to work in-conjunction with each other, this might be too complex of a fix. but this would allow users to not strip off assets from their clothing objects.

thanks! think this is one of the most critical bug at this moment for VR devs:

please fix it! It should not take long time, but super critical! People vote!

Did you try just rebuilding UHT?

Do you mean audio from outside of the game?

I dont think thats what they mean but since you mention it I am rather interested in the possibility of doing realtime fft spectrum analysis of data obtained using wasapi loopback capture on windows. For using UE4 as a music visualizer. It’s not the sort of thing I expect an engine to have built in but I did manage to get it working in another game engine and was wondering what the most obvious starting point for this would be in terms of the new audio engine.

Lovely synth by the way. I got it working on windows and used the midi plugin to enable me to play the synth using a roli seaboard. It wasn’t that hard to use blueprints to use all the seaboard dimensions of touch to control different synth parameters. I’m presuming the synth parameters are not adjustable per-voice when in poly mode, so I cant make full use of the roli but still great fun anyway.


We have just released Preview 2 for 4.16! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.16 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.


Fixed in Preview 2 - CL 3415560

Fixed! UE-44390 Replace name to be more user friendly for creating animation/export animation
Fixed! UE-44451 [CrashReport] Crash occurring in Phonon::FPhononReverb::ProcessMixedAudio
Fixed! UE-44430 User is not prompted for restart on enabling cloth tools in experimental tab in editor prefrences
Fixed! UE-44305 Suspended cloth animation is not animating properly
Fixed! UE-44396 Content Examples: Example 1.6 broken collision - Cloth Map
Fixed! UE-44350 Hot reloading newly created C++ project compiles modules
Fixed! UE-44303 HotReload fails with Linker errors when using Visual Studio 2017
Fixed! UE-43979 Hot reload uses different PCH to regular compile
Fixed! UE-44323 Event driven loader crashes at specific level
Fixed! UE-44389 Cannot Create Data Asset Derived from Blueprint/C++ Classes
Fixed! UE-44314 Components lose transform values in the new instance after copy and paste
Fixed! UE-44316 Instance of BP actor remains in Viewport after undoing create actor
Fixed! UE-44290 Complex BP which succeeds in BP compilation fails during windows packaging
Fixed! UE-44372 Crash duplicating or deleting any component inside of Actor BP if lights or triggers are present
Fixed! UE-44234 Nativized ShooterGame (Win64) crashes on launch
Fixed! UE-44018 Crash in Packaged Game When Calling Interface Function with Blueprint Nativization Enabled
Fixed! UE-44124 ShooterGame failing to build nativized assets
Fixed! UE-44112 Assert cooking QAGame QA-Blueprints map with Nativization enabled
Fixed! UE-44385 Dynamic Force Feedback plays forever if initiating actor is destroyed
Fixed! UE-44526 Android - Deployment fails if project name contains an underscore
Fixed! UE-44499 Need Android.NewKeyboard option to force old keyboard
Fixed! UE-44417 Android projects stop responding when resuming from a locked screen
Fixed! UE-44461 Target SDK level check at runtime is backward
Fixed! UE-44412 Package fails for android if company name begins with a number
Fixed! UE-44257 Blueprint projects fail to Package for iOS
Fixed! UE-44253 HTML5: Linux Launch On fails to invoke process
Fixed! UE-43853 SubUV particle leads to crash in android devices
Fixed! UE-44154 Editor Crashes when opening a New C++ project if you are mid deployment to mobile
Fixed! UE-44132 HTML5 in Chrome fails with Out of Memory
Fixed! UE-34851 QAEntry cannot compile on HTML5
Fixed! UE-44043 Open a web browser widget and immediately close it would cause crash on mobile.
Fixed! UE-44382 Adding reflection capture when in mobile preview causes full capture update
Fixed! UE-42436 Sky light SH values are no longer generated for mobile
Fixed! UE-43491 Launch on failure when arm v7a + v8a abis are set
Fixed! UE-44533 Spaces in ANT_HOME path cause problems with ant.bat patch
Fixed! UE-44286 Startup movie just flashes colors on Android in 4.16 (possibly only Adreno (model < 400 or Android < 6.0)
Fixed! UE-44181 Crash editor upon finish of ShooterGame match - FSeamlessTravelHandler
Fixed! UE-44515 Skincache causes broken velocity vectors
Fixed! UE-44440 Shader compile error with vertex interpolator materials shadowing skeletal meshes
Fixed! UE-44422 Integrate missing gpu skin cache fixes
Fixed! UE-44324 Rendering issue occurs when using Skin Cache is enabled and multiple objects use the same skel mesh
Fixed! UE-42254 Potential major HLOD dynamic shadow performance issues
Fixed! UE-43898 Crash on opening TM-MeshPaint - FMeshDrawingPolicy::DrawMesh()
Fixed! UE-44064 Crash when loading Tm-Tessellation on Mac with Metal v1.2 targeted shader standard
Fixed! UE-44180 GitHub 3496 : fix Assertion failed: GRHIVendorId != 0 - recognize mesa radeon driver
Fixed! UE-44386 DX11: QAGame (tm-shadermodels) crashes with an assert in the rendering thread with Launch On.
Fixed! UE-44423 Movie capture not warming up on the first frame
Fixed! UE-44381 Change TInlineValue::Reset(TInlineValue&&) to not use memcpy
Fixed! UE-44343 Subway Sequencer - Property ledger of ledger has struct type mismatch warning
Fixed! UE-44313 Warnings appear when playing a Sequence while in PIE
Fixed! UE-44301 Bindings getting lost on save as
Fixed! UE-44045 StaticMesh not animating in rendered sequence when Use Separate Process is off.
Fixed! UE-44103 Ambiguous Search Warning After Recompiling Blueprint of an Object Involved in a Level Sequence
Fixed! UE-44368 ShooterGame crashes when PIEing while running a Launch On
Fixed! UE-44456 Crash after enabling USD plugin in binary editor
Fixed! UE-44135 TextBox widget renders differently when in a Retainer Box
Fixed! UE-44450 [CrashReport] Crash in UViewportWorldInteraction::FindTransformGizmoAlignPoint
Fixed! UE-44302 VR Mode Interactor hand editor preference not persisting between editor sessions
Fixed! UE-44299 Crash: Opening Project Browser from Launcher with VR Mode auto-entry enabled with HMD active (worn)
Fixed! UE-43298 Crash when pressing ESC to stop simulate while in VR Mode
Fixed! UE-44426 Correct pivot painter 2 input/output descriptions and submit the missing pivot painter example map

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide

Thanks Stephen,

Please pretty please can you hook the SceneTexture:SeparateTranslucency node up to read from the (currently working) separate translucency buffer?

Am having to double my star mesh in eden (one behind everything, one in front of everything) to fake proper translucency through nebulas, the above would be much cleaner (not to mention less dodgy).

One of the new features in 4.16 preview is the Asset Manager. The documentation for it won’t be ready for 4.16 release and the feature is still in heavy development, but I posted an AnswerHub question with the documentation attached if people want to get a head start. The AnswerHub has more details, but basically if you’re a c++ programmer building an RPG or something else that needs to manage lots of different types of data, you should check it out.

Nice, then i can get rid of my engine modifications :slight_smile: Thank you

Is there any reason why you can’t apply cloth to a lone skeletal mesh?

I have a bunch of interchangeable clothing assets that I want to simulate

uhhh I guess nevermind, I opened another asset with different parts and now it works on single meshes

This is now by far my favorite 4.16 thing. Just to clarify - it is used for BOTH in-editor asset auditing and runtime async loading-on-demand?

Also, how difficult would it be to extend it to do content naming convention checking? For example, specify a SK_* regex for skeletal meshes, one for static meshes etc.

[MENTION=270][EPIC] Ben Zeigler[/MENTION]: Another thing (not directly related to the asset manager, but it would be a nice additions for assets in general)

I do runtime level generation and at the moment i scan all my assets to determine which can be used together. For this purpose i added a assetregistrysearchable uproperty and then group them together. This is quite easy for Actors, since i just have to create a common subclass, no problems there. But for static meshes (which i use heavily in ISMC’s, constructed at runtime) i had to add it in the engine source, since i couldn’t get the editor to create a static mesh with my subclass as base. Is there a possibility for you to add a ‘label’ property to all asset types?

I would make a small editor plugin for that purpose, since it’s probably only running on demand (button).

So cool ! Could you share your setup of volumetric fog ? I was playing with it like for half of hour and i couldn’t get a single light shaft. :C I would be thankful :slight_smile:

Does anyone else’s main viewport FPS get cut in half or worse when particle editor is open with any particle from starter content that’s not smoke or steam? Particle editor doesn’t even have to be visible anywhere. It doesn’t happen in 4.7 which is the only other version I have installed atm.

Sorry if this was already mentioned, but we are having trouble getting out of the VR editor. Pressing ESC won’t even get us out. I’m thinking its a potential bug, or maybe something changed and I just haven’t seen how it’s actually done now.

When we got Simulate and Play in Editor working for 4.16, we had to switch Escape back to its intended purpose of getting out of those, to match Desktop Mode. To leave VR Mode, you can now press Alt+` - to remap this key combo, just search for “Toggle VR” in Editor Preferences. :slight_smile:


I tried the functionalities of Steam Audio today and I can’t play the game on my Shield K1. The App crashes at startup giving me the following LogError:

[0]LogStreaming:Error: Couldn’t find the file for package /Script/SteamAudio requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Script/SteamAudi
[0]LogStreaming:Error: ****DumpDependencies [Dependencies]:
[0]LogStreaming:Error: Export 1 PhonoReverb
[0]LogStreaming:Error: Linker is …/…/…/Blindenspiel/Content/PhonoReverb.uasset
[0]LogStreaming:Error: Dep S_BEFORE_C Import 0 PhonoReverbSourceSettings
[0]LogStreaming:Error: Dep S_BEFORE_C Import 2 Default__PhononReverbSourceSettings

-End of File

Hope, you can help me there! As stated before, Shield K1 running Android 7.0.1 and I used UE4.16_Pre2.

EDIT: Removed the Reverb and tried again. Now I got the same Error with Spazialisation.

Hey SyberBlade, glad you’re giving the new clothing tools a try.

They’re in an experimental state right now but I’m still looking for feedback so thanks for your post! As for your points:

  1. I’m not sure what you mean here. You can use unreal physics assets to create clothing assets now with the tools enabled. There’s no way unfortunately to update them after creation but I’m working on fixing that for the final release. Unsure what you’d like with regard to channels though.

  2. As far as I’m aware we should now allow 8 influences, but only when creating assets completely in-editor. If you import an .apx or .apb we can only allow 4 unfortunately due to the APEX limitations.

  3. We don’t have a solution yet for solid objects attached to clothing. So for the time being any hard surface will act like clothing. But we’re looking for improvements and future ideas so it’s good to hear these things.


For #1 i was referring to other objects colliding with Apex cloth through collision channel settings. UE4 responds to Collision capsules and boxes so i was thinking of Apex Cloth supporting this as a medium standard. If this sugestion (or a better suggestion) is already in the works then it’s been answered. :slight_smile:

For #2As far as I’m aware we should now allow 8 influences, but only when creating assets completely in-editor.

I’m totally switching to UE4’s APEX tools from now on, 8 influences!!! 4 was impossible, 6 is cutting it close, 8 should be plenty.

For #3 - yeah, i figured this might be a complex stretch. My suggestion was to paint a special color coded influence on hard objects attached to cloth, the effect should have the object move overlaid without distortion in the area. normally this would be solved using joints for cloth simulation but this would require way too much time and far too many joints to achieve Apex quality. It’s a good suggestion for thought.