Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview

That’s already in and has been for a while now (I’m not sure what version off the top of my head), but it’s in the project settings.

Have you guys yet fixed the issue with UMG buttons, which causes them to not “unhover” after performing a drag & drop operation? Quick example:

Inventory with 2 buttons (A and B) -> drag an item from A to B and drop it there. Button A remains on “hovered” state.

Yeah I made that, thanks! :slight_smile: I just thought, why just say what I wanna say (that its awesome) if I could also say it without words, just using that exact feature. :smiley:

Woohoo!! New and shiny things to play with and distract from things i need to be doing :slight_smile:

BtC is ready yay

Very nice! Always improving. UE4 rocks! =D

About the Build compiling 25-50% faster, I’m no programmer, but recently I’ve been concerning about the compile times. Does that mean in general the engine is able to compile 25-50% faster, or just in specific situations? Because if it is the engine overall, this is HUUUUGE, isn’t it? =D

Again…nice work!

Thanks Epic:)

It is C++ compilations. It is not a performance increase…

Love the blueprint and compilation changes!
any idea when map & sets will support replication?

Well, time to try this release to see if the PSVR is fully supported yet…

Man, you guys are FAST! :slight_smile:

looking forward to these texture streaming updates, shall be appreciated!

This is great :slight_smile: but where the UMG blur ui item :rolleyes:


Two rather significant bugs reported here:

  • Packaged builds insta-crash with access violations
  • Play/Standalone always resets the resolution to 1280x720 windowed, even when something else was requested.

Looking forward to playing about with this!

“The codebase has been converted to a “include what you use” model, where every header includes other headers it needs, rather than every source file including large monolithic headers like Engine.h and UnrealEd.h. Existing game code can continue to include those files as before, but we measure the engine compiling 25-50% faster!”


Thanks guys!

It’s there, it just didn’t make it into the release notes for this preview build (which is my fault). Look for the background blur widget in umg.

Dying to see support for proper rendering of video textures from sequencer. Have been waiting for that one a long time and still hoping. Any news?

Great update however I am dissapointed that “Added support for compiling dedicated Server and Client targets for Rocket build.”](https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/3129#issuecomment-272915659) didn’t make it in, is there any this can be wedged in before release as I think this is a hugely important and currently missing feature

No love for UE-34623

It means that my volume rendering solution that uses the inbuilt volumetric shadow maps will have to wait…

Actually any static mesh that uses volumetric shadow maps are still broken.