Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview

Uuh oh blur is amazing!
Huuuuuuuuuge thanks for that feature!

Content hot reloading allows you to reload your already existing Unreal assets that may have changed on disk while the editor is open. With this feature you do not need to restart the editor to reload your content from disk. The most common use case for this is syncing new content from source control. Previously you had to restart the editor for your content to update.

Auto-Reimport detects changes to import format files such as FBX for meshes, or png for textures, and update the asset from source.

judging from UE 4.15 github branch seems also not mentioned is new “HDR monitor/TV support on Nvidia via NVAPI on Windows”…
previously avaiable from HDR for UE4 | NVIDIA Developer
so it’s working in first preview?

This feature is most welcome, I’ll have to test it with the Git plugin.

  • Sync (“Pull”) the current branch to get server changes
  • Revert a Blueprint
  • Merge a Blueprint
  • Revert any other kind of assets (Material, Mesh, Map…)

Oh man…Nativization of blueprints finally appears to be working flawlessly with code plugins, all of my blueprints using plugin interfaces nativized without issue when testing packaging.

Is this wiki page on how to link library still relevant for 4.14 and 4.15 ?

This is shaping up to be my kind of release!!!

**Stuff That Affects Me
FIXED/BETTER STUFF for 4.15preview1

Maps & sets!!!
Compilation speedups!!!
Stable blueprint nativization!!!
Experimental content hot reloading!!!
Other fixes!!!
No huge new features!!!

UNCHANGED ISSUES for 4.15preview1

UE-39294[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333] - [/COLOR][/COLOR]Menus don’t update on [COLOR=#333333]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]UEDOC-4307 - [/COLOR]Android Quickstart - Incorrect about Java Versions

NEW ISSUES for 4.15preview1

unassigned - Crash - 4.15.0preview1 during “Open a copy” of a project on

CAN’T TEST ISSUES – because the engine is too crashy to open my 4.14 project. I’ll try them again when preview2 comes out.

UE-37428[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333] - [/COLOR][/COLOR]Certain BP class properties keep losing value](Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39294))UE-39464[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333] - [/COLOR][/COLOR]GetPlatform node returns “IOS” on tvOS
UE-39501[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333] - [/COLOR][/COLOR]tvOS package for distribution fails to find valid certificate and valid provision
[COLOR=#333333]UE-40545 - [/COLOR]Uploading tvOS project: ERROR ITMS-90513 & ITMS-90471
unassigned - tvOS “Missing Image Asset”
[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]unassigned - [/COLOR][/COLOR]Valid Development Provision and Certificate ignored for tvOS
[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]unassigned - [/COLOR][/COLOR]What is waking up my physics?

Any reason why navigated classes have weird classnames?


Seems to be crashing the game on startup with it enabled too.

Logs don’t really give me anything either.

Awesome guys, I got up and started dancing when I read 25-50% faster compiling times!

Keep up the great work!

OH MY F**KING GOODNESS…whatttttttttttttttttt… Seriously?! We can now Get Latest from Perforce without closing Editor!!! Too bad this is Preview 1…

Any more supported forward shading features? Like SSR, SSAO, Contact Shadows.

I was close to using the forward renderer in our projects, the only thing that let it down for us was the reflections.

Can we get working project generation when only Visual Stduio 2017 is installed ?

Unreal, when are you going to focus more on Paper2D improvements?

Did something change with the lighting in the 4.15 preview? Everything seems a little bit darker to me. I think my post processor is making the differences more apparent but it’s still noticeable with it turned off. Here are 2 comparison screenshots between 4.14 and 4.15, one with my post processor on and one with it off: http://imgur.com/a/xpni5

Nativizing Blueprints!!! This is the best news ever!!! THX!!! I love U guys!!! :slight_smile:

Did you try to compare lighting with standard assets from Epic Games, on sample projects for instance?

You should then open an AnswerHub question with these screenshots to get a proper analysis and feedbacks fomr Epic.

Very nice!

Please tell me there will be some more documentation / training streams / examples of GameplayTags.

I’m unable to even launch this, it doesn’t load past 0%. I added a bug report.