Unreal Engine 4.14 Preview

Ansel documentation folder: X:\UnrealEngine-4.14\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Nvidia\Ansel\ThirdParty\NVAnselSDK\docs\Ansel_integration_guide.html

It’s just a single HTML file with implementation details. I’m using a source build though, if the file doesn’t exist in launcher distribution, it’s probably a bug.

Thanks for the feedback. What about toggling motion blur for specific objects ? I understand it was impossible in a deferred pipeline, but hopefully now forward changes things a bit.

Is this something you’re considering ? Motion blur / TAA typically fail at objects that move in world space without moving in camera space.

Any updates on mixed reality video support? Wondering if I should continue trying to brute force a solution or wait for support.

Ansel docs appear to be missing for those of us using the launcher build. Thankfully, the docs can be found on the GitHub repo as well.

Epic is at least listed on the partner list.

Thanks for all updates, but the custom depth for mobile, get my attention.

Ran into this one with the launcher installed build and VS 2015 14 update 1 trying to clean a solution.
The DotNETCommon directory is straight up missing in my install with everything checked except the various other target platforms.

Will see if it still happens after I’ve installed all the other platform stuff too (although technically, it shouldn’t only be part of those?)
(If it still happens, I can backfill with the github version, but…)
Edit: Nope, still no directory. Guess it’s already known.
Edit the second: also, even though “Generate visual studio project files” created a solution that included all the plugin code, it doesn’t even try to build them when (re)building the solution.
Had to start the unreal engine editor, enable the plugins, restart, and then it asked if it had to rebuild the dlls the next time the editor was started.

TArray<UMaterialInterface*> UStaticMesh->Materials is now deprecated, in favour of TArray<FStaticMaterial> UStaticMesh->StaticMaterials, which is a new material interface wrapper?

You forgot to mention these two awesome additions to 4.14:

Multiplayer world origin shifting:


You can now set the Replication Condition (such as SkipOwner) for Blueprint variables:

Is the bug where your packaged game crashes when exiting through the SteamVR Overlay fixed?

Please give me Plugin Language for iOS… It’s too difficult to import third party dynamic frameworks for iOS. There isn’t any documentation about AnroidPluginLanguage, but it make me easy to import my third party library. However, iOS isn’t.

Any way to update the Steamworks SDK to 1.38?

Now Please add something like ActorBase, without all those delegates/Collision/Damage Handling code.

Wooh wait wait hold the phone!
“Automatic LOD generation”
Are you saying… Unreal Engine now has an automated LOD generation tool on importing FBX?
please say I read that properly

It seems that SetWorldOrigin crashes the engine (at least if you have world origin rebasing on along with world composition) SetWorldOrigin command crashes the engine - UE4 AnswerHub

Any chance the Widget Components will come out of being an “Experimental Feature” soon?

I try CustomDepth on postprocess material. This didn’t effect on my mobile(asus zenfone3).

on PC —>

on Mobile —>

this is postprocess material

Please add SMAA anti aliasing support to unreal TAA is just too blurry. Thanks.

One great new feature in 4.14 is missing from the changelog ! In 4.14 all baked data, lightmaps etc, is saved into a different file, not the level file. This makes it much easier to work with source control.



Is there an estimation when 4.14 will get the actual release? I love forward rendering and want to convert my project asap.