Unreal Engine 4.14 Preview

Now Please add something like ActorBase, without all those delegates/Collision/Damage Handling code.

Wooh wait wait hold the phone!
“Automatic LOD generation”
Are you saying… Unreal Engine now has an automated LOD generation tool on importing FBX?
please say I read that properly

It seems that SetWorldOrigin crashes the engine (at least if you have world origin rebasing on along with world composition) SetWorldOrigin command crashes the engine - UE4 AnswerHub

Any chance the Widget Components will come out of being an “Experimental Feature” soon?

I try CustomDepth on postprocess material. This didn’t effect on my mobile(asus zenfone3).

on PC —>

on Mobile —>

this is postprocess material

Please add SMAA anti aliasing support to unreal TAA is just too blurry. Thanks.

One great new feature in 4.14 is missing from the changelog ! In 4.14 all baked data, lightmaps etc, is saved into a different file, not the level file. This makes it much easier to work with source control.



Is there an estimation when 4.14 will get the actual release? I love forward rendering and want to convert my project asap.

Did you try clicking the version? You can select the one you want to install from there.

I don’t think it’s for FBX import, but for any object you have already in your project. Which is even better.
However, it doesn’t appear to be in the current 4.14 preview, or at least I can’t find it.

Edit: Never mind, it’s in the preview after all. But it seems you first have to import an LOD before you can auto-LOD it. In other words, import the main mesh as an LOD and then reduce it in the static mesh viewer. Strange workflow, but it works!

I had to restart the computer for some reason to see 4.14 install option but it works now :slight_smile:

Motion blur is still done as an image-space operation so toggling for certain objects isn’t really feasible. I’m not sure the exact case you’re seeing, but motion blur should be able to work correctly on any object, as long as the velocities are rendered correctly. If an object is moving in world space but not camera space (weapon?) and it gets motion blurred, that’s just a bug which we need to fix.

4.14 preview 1

When pressing the simulate button, it turns off realtime preview. Tested with the first person template.

Please take more time to release the final version of 4.14 , we are getting many version in short time and i really hope 4.14 will be the most stable version so we stick with it for a long period of time as every single version have many new future but not as stable as 4.8 IMO . and great job with all that new feature , its really impressive to see how much epic team work hard on this engine like no one else so thank you guys .

^ This. Just noticed this today. So much nicer for perforce in the cloud…

Will this make into 4.14 ? It’s pretty serious issue for people on Windows 10.

I think what he’s referring to are the problems that arise with the view model in first person or character model in third person having major artifacting problems when motion blur is enabled. It’s been an issue for a long time in the engine and hasn’t really gotten touched on yet in a patch, that’s the main reason why people are always complaining about ghosting issues and things like that.

Another new feature missing from the changelog is the new “Is Editor Only” flag for components of an actor. This was a contribution on github. This allows you to add some actors, or components that won’t be cooked in builds. Very very useful for adding locators etc, dummy components, where you bake the data. We use this a lot in our project so that flag will come in very handy for reducing clutter in cooked builds.

I think there is a bug with the improved Cable Component. Sockets and “set either end as free” work fine, but there is no collision, although collision is set up correctly.

// EDIT:
Ah, my mistake, there is an additional Checkbox “Enable Collision” hidden under advanced options of the cable component. Maybe you should put this option out of advanced and under the collision header for more visibility.