Unreal Engine 4.14 Packaged binary crashes on execution when the folder path contains a directory which is a single letter (on Ubuntu 16.04 server). Can this be fixed?

I have a packaged binary executable from a UE4.14 project running on Ubuntu 16.04 on a server. When you run the executable from a folder path which contains a single letter directory, this leads to a crash. Crash log attached to post:
Crash log

The binary is executed as follows: /s/username/jobs/myproject-initial/myproject/myproject/Binaries/Linux/myproject.

This issue has been referenced before: Linux native build from source: small bug in FPaths::MakePathRelativeTo - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums

However, the bug report has been closed without a solution: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-21691)

How do you solve this problem? In this instance, mounting the one-letter folder to a different path is not possible.

This folder structure needs to be maintained for the binary to run on the server.

Any fixes are appreciated?