Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview

If it’s not solved does that mean there are only minor improvements in 4.13? or the ticket is simply not updated to “Solved” ?

Can you clarify please?


What does “landscape tessellation performance improvements” mean? Does it mean that areas with a tessellation multiplier of 0 won’t incur any tessellation cost?

Good job Epic Team

How come volumetric light / fog have been ignored / pushed back again? The one ticket with the single most votes in rendering which was scheduled for July… ._. really sad.

The PhysicalAnimationComponent is a much improved interface for using animation output to drive physics bodies. It takes the animation data and works out what forces and torques to apply to the PhysicsAsset on a SkeletalMesh to try and match that anim. You can choose whether those forces are applied relative to the component or to the parent body. This combines with the new ‘Physics Profiles’ feature of PhysicsAssets to let you do a lot more with physical animation such as hit reactions, partial ragdoll etc.

The PoseDrive node is a way to implement things like a Pose Space Deformer (PSD). You author a set of poses for a bone, and the corresponding blend shape weights for each pose. You import that as a PoseAsset (also new in 4.13) and associate that with the PoseDriver node. Then as the bone approaches each pose, we activate the curve weights associated with that pose. To do this we use what is called an RBF (Radial Basis Function, a gaussian in this case). You can probably find a lot more about PSDs and RBFs by googling! It is quite a common technique in visual fx, and increasingly of interest to game developers.

Hope that helps!

I can stop work on it :smiley:

Do we have tesselation applied in landscapes in Z axis now? :eek:

Actually i would love to know a bit more about

And why no (official) word about the forward shading, even if experimental?


I’m sure that’s LOD you’re referring to, not tessellation

“should” be there now too

for the enviroment i work is kind of necesary because we are doing a space to ground based game with big maps, so this is a great new for the team i guess :slight_smile:

Good performance improvements using forward rendering in VR. It’s not quite as fast as the oculus build but the output is more akin to the regular renderer. I can run my game at 150 percent which is ok, but i need a higher oversampling to get clear image quality in the distance. In the oculus build I can run at 250 percent/90fps and my distant landscape is crystal clear. Looking forward to further improvements to this renderer and hopefully a merge with nvidia’s multires tech too.

Great work!

Anyway, it is on the todo list :slight_smile:

By any chance have you played around with the number of dynamic lights and can say something about the performance impact (since i wont be at my main pc until tomorrow) :slight_smile:


Gald to see some more VR optimizations. Please keep pushing in this direction. Lots of people use UE because of VR!!!

Fantastic job. As always, very exciting to see all the new updates!

I’m so happy! Thank you so much Epic!! I’m finally able to open my project with this version! (crash in 4.12)

I find that the landscape has a critical issue concerning packaging for ios.
Here’s the link:[BUG 4.13preview1]Landscape critical issue - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks! [MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION]

Exciting installing now!! :slight_smile:

These sound intriguing so hoping to be able to catch the livestream for more info,

Physical Animation Component (Experimental)
Pose Driver Animation node (Experimental) EDIT: Ah read the reply above for these ones!
Pose Asset

Definitely testing this one to see if I get some performance improvements playing ‘video textures’ in my VR project,

Media Framework Overhaul

Forward shading? Have to look into this too as any ways to get faster rendering are much appreciated to hit those pesky 90fps. (I wish they stayed at 75 as with DK2)
Might this pave way for improved forward rendering style AA methods too maybe? That would be great as that is a not working great at the moment, but I will post separately about that.


The forward renderer supports MSAA, but thats only in master and not in 4.13.

Whats really important for me is that there’s some way to have SSAO or something similar with forward shading. I know its not as easy as with deferred, but I would gladly pay the extra cost for the depth buffer for it. At the moment there’s no dynamic AO with forward shading I think, at least in 4.13.

Is the GoogleVR Plugin working for iOS now???