Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview

Yes it would be interesting to know about those but if I had to make a far guess, maybe Physical animation component is something similar to this: UDK | PhysicalAnimation

Maybe : ).

I would like to know more about: “Texture Coordinate (UV) info from Line Traces”

Does this mean that drawing realtime a mask or something similar onto a texture of an object or landscape via a trace is now possible in a much more straightforward way?


I don’t expect that to be in 4.13 yet, though it would be nice. Its marked for August on the Roadmap and completed in August means it missed the 4.13 deadline and will be in 4.14.

Edit: Ok, 4.13 has this setting already:


But I would not expect it to work :wink:

Edit 2: Ok, I tested it and it actually works :smiley:

Tested with the particle effects demo. There are some rendering bugs with forward, but it looks roughly same. Forward is 14% faster in this test here. Not much.

Media Player Overhaul :slight_smile: ! I flipping love it so far! I’m a happy CHADALAK1 ! Going to do some test with the Android wizard as well

No new GI? This is not true? http://9gag.com/gag/aBYzgLD/unreal-engine-beta-release-4-13-promises-significant-improvements-in-real-time-global-illumination-and-hard-body-dynamics

Glad for the release. May I ask exactly what does that Android packaging wizard do? Just finished an android game here.

Can you check to see if it works on mac

I would if I had a mac to work with :frowning: . Sorry jojo. Hopefully someone on here can test it.

Any chance UE-22228 mentioned in this post will be included? Sequencer Bug: Camera Rotate - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

…why would you believe (or even read) anything on 9gag? The site is horribad.

No, it’s not. I’m not sure where that rumor sprung up, but we only just got the topic back in focus on the to-do list recently, they won’t have results so quickly.

does this release come with the new content examples?

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Can we please get detailed information from DanielW on the new drawMaterialtoRenderTarget stuff? he had an awesome tweet showing a 2d puddle wave sim. Are there going to be docs on this?

Pitch input stops working when deploying to Google Cardboard, then disabling “Enable HMD”.

Hope this can be fixed as it’s a blocker for VR with non VR fallback!

Alembic Import… Thanks Epic Team!

Is the ability to render out alpha passed for cinematics included? Found a thread that, well, last comment was that it would be out in 4.13

You can do that know fairly easily, just use level streaming / portals.

VR Template, yay!

I just tried with my landscape Material imported from 4.12.5 , everytime editor crashed

Does this preview have the Mac Retina/Windows High density support in it? I checked the settings but didn’t see any kind of setting. The editor fonts and other UI elements are still very blurry so it’s not something that looks like it’s already enabled.

Also still very disappointed to see the context menu search issue on macOS doesn’t appear to be working still. (UE-29885). Unreal Editor went through all of 4.12, including the previews with this issue and looks like still no fix for a major usability problem on macOS.

Thanks for your greate work!
I see the mobile update:Custom Post-Process material support

How can I enable post-process material effects for mobile?Thanks! [MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION]