Unreal Engine 4.13 OPENGL ES3.1

Hi Unreal Community,

I tried to package a simple project of third person template and only target specific Open GL ES3.1, package successful, launch to on NOTE 7 with Vulkan capability and open the game, loaded splash screen and closed. What is the problem? ES2 work flawlessly.

UPDATE : Change SDK to matchndk, NDK to android-21, as i research only starting this package start support OPENGL ES3.1, no luck as well, splash screen, then exit, while try disable ES3.1 and tick ES2 again works. Game open perfectly. Check packaging log, using android-21 to build as well. Note 7 is Exynos version.

How can i check what OPENGL is running while on android? Please advise. Thanks…

Not sure exactly what the issue might be but have you tried running logcat to check for any debug/log/warning messages?

Solved.thanks !