Unreal Engine 4.13.1 won't start

Hey guys,
i downloaded and installed UE 4.13.1.
But when I click on the “Start” buttin, there is “please” wait 3-4 seconds and than there is Start.
But the engine will not start…
Please help me. Sorry for my bad english.

this happens for me too. This engine is a pile of poo. it is continuously crashing if it even installs and opens to start with. might have to change to something that works.

Never happened to me. It can take a while to load if your computer is not that great or if you have a large project. In most cases it is not Engine’s fault.

have same problem…

Slow on my MacBook Pro, fast on my Windows Workstation. On the former it sat at 90% for a good 5-10 minutes. That was only on the first run, subsequent runs are much quicker.

same problem