Unreal Engine 4.10 (Squad) major memory leak?

As soon as I started playing Squad I noticed the lag (despite having turned everything down to medium/high 1024px shadows) ~6gb ram and ~12gb pagefile was in constant use, but as soon as i disabled my pagefile all together, rebooted my computer, it went down to ~3gb ram and ~6gb pagefile (at least according to the task manager and afterburner) would love some additional input from you developers and if you guys could investigate further whether there’s a connection between this phenomena and if you can somehow plug the hole since I’m now able to run (almost maxed out) with the only exception for no fxaa/msaa and 2048px shadows at 1080p with ~60fps (depending on the amount of explosions/smoke) when playing Squad?

I think you might be better off if you contacted the dev or posted in their thread rather then just making a general post, I think this thread is the game your talking about.

Thank you for sharing that link!