Unreal Engine 4.10 Released!

Maybe it’s my imagination, but the editor seems to load noticeably faster on Windows.

Why? I like to have a ‘template’ level that I duplicate, containing the common features of most levels. Beyond copy and pasting all the actors in a level, is there an alternative to duplicating?

Open the map, go to Save As -> save under new name. I’ve always had engine crashes when I straight-up duplicate maps.

…oh god, it had to be that easy. Thanks.

It’s me or now Intellisense work and is fast? (VS2015) :smiley:

Cool, thank you epic! Can you update trello roadmap so we can know whats going on next? :slight_smile:

Thanks epic for you hard work, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello mate, just download 4.10, and correct me if i am wrong, but it seem like UE-16309, aka child component collision got ignored when use sweep. still haven’t been work on?

I really hope you add ini support for Blueprints soon. Being able to change video settings, controls etc is a must have in almost any game and currently you can only use console commands (which causes some problems), plug ins (which I am against because it causes instability) or C++ (which I don’t know).

Please Epic!
Think of the children!

This is fixed now. Thanks!

Hi Burak,

This is still on the ToDo list, and last I recall this was something with a driver version from AMD that is being worked on, but I unfortunately cannot locate the post where I saw this. It’s something that is known, but at the moment I’m not sure when fix will be put in.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi CKong,

This JIRA was closed out as “Won’t Fix” with a possible duplicate in the system, but I’ve not been able to find it at the moment. For context the original thread associated with the ticket (here) has been responded to.

I know this isn’t the response you may have wanted, but it’s something we’re aware of and want to support in the future.

Thank you!



Hi everyone. Epic Games utilizes the UE4 Answerhub to investigate bug reports and offer troubleshooting for installation issues. We do this because forum threads can have too many separate discussions for a proper investigation of issues.

If you believe that you have found a bug with the 4.10 release, please report it to the UE4 Answerhub Bug Reports section

If you are experiencing an issue getting 4.10 to install or open on your machine, please post that to the UE4 Answerhub Installation & Setup section


What’s the status of the abilities / tasks system?

Also realized I forgot to mention I’m running Windows 10 64 Pro. Latest official drivers from NVidia and it’s a clean install via launcher not compiled from source. I remember seeing that VS 2015 was required to compile 4.10 from source my question is are the 2015 distribution files needed to properly run the binary release via launcher? I am just baffled as to why I am eperiancing such massive performance issues. 4.9.2 had some but no were near this bad. :confused:

Yes. From the release notes:

If you are working with content-only projects (no code), then you still need at least the VS2015 C++ redistributiable files which should be auto-installed during setup.

Mobile HDR still decreases the fps to its half, which is unacceptable. In Unity made games I can see refractional objects with 60 fps. But in Unreal Engine I have to enable Mobile HDR to do so and it works on 35 fps even in an empty level. Performance improvement for mobile is needed.

Well I got no errors or anything just the performance was insanely slow :frowning: which makes no since especially since I have 24GB DDR3, i7 950 and a Titan X. When I get home I’ll see if the C++ Redistributables installed properly. Cause I ended up uninstalling 4.10 cause I couldn’t even add a tree to a “Defualt” scene with out it taking almost 5mins to load a single tree me she then another 5 to load the textures and after it was a slideshow for frame rates. So either I have particial files floating around or something didn’t install right. Cause I got no errors when making it or building the lighting it was just slow as molasses going up a frozen slope and I only had Skype and Firefox open on the forums which in thepastnever effected the performance of UE4

Hey Steven :slight_smile: i got a big problem with the Console command r.motionblurnew, if i turn it on in the version 4.8 it seems ok, no bugs, i can even controll it but in the newest 4.10 version i cant controll it with the postprocess and its buggy as hell…

Hi iuhiuh,

Can you post this to the AnswerHubin the Bug Reports section. Once there we can get it assigned to be investigated.

Please post as much information to reproduce the issue and any images as reference so that it can help use more readily see what you’re expecting vs what is happening.

Thank you!


I won’t go to the answer hub yet with this because I’m not sure if it’s me or the version.
Has anyone recorded a matinee fly through yet with 4.10?
I seem to be having trouble. Doing all the usual stuff, ticking camera to start on play, setting it as director, setting the paths etc
Just hit Movie and I get a black screen pop up, even trying changing the format from AVI to BMP I get no files created and just a black screen popup? :expressionless: