Unreal Engine 4.10 Preview

Hi Demolition Man,

Do you have Visual Studio 2015 installed? The VS 2015 Redistributes are required for Lightmass building in 4.10. Please update to VS 2015 or install the 2015 Redistribute (located below) and let me know if this fixes the error you are seeing. If not, please post this to the answerhub in the bug reports section (link in signature) so I can assist you more in depth.

Edit: The specific Redistribute needed can be found here if you do not have VS 2015 installed. If you have 2015 installed, do not install this redistribute.

I do think that it is great, but I hate to see that 4.10 preview is being introduced so soon when there are tons of bugs that I have reported since 4.8 that still aren’t fixed in hotfixes :frowning:

I hope they release a bit more hotfixes for 4.10 so that it will get more and quite stable until it’s 4.10.20 and no more bug remaining :cool:

They said

And that will surely not be the case with 4.10.0 because as you said there are still a lot of bugs so I hope for a lot of hotfixes :slight_smile:

When Microsoft will release a integration plugin for VS2015 like they did for Unity?

nice decision focus that version on bug fixes!

I have to install visual studio 2015 now? Is there a reason for that change? Don’t like it.

Great, 4.10 is a good number for a rock-solid stable release :slight_smile:

Is there any more information about this? Like how does it work, etc.?

@sarfios Here, some info from previous posts:

Is 4.10 preview loading very slow for someone else too? Getting ~2x loadtime. Thought my 16gb ram just wasnt enough (was constantly reaching full memory use), but now after installing win10 (and getting 24gb) its still very slow to load. I have 12000 actors, around 1-2million foliage meshes and 2x2km^2 map. Just to compare. Else superb engine and nice to see so many updates, cant stop being over excited. :wink:

Nice. I had to workaround this by getting all the child widgets and checking for widget class type so I could set the checkbox states manually. Good to know I can remove that now :slight_smile:

Thanks, hope won’t get its way on my C SSD, because no space there :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any posibilty of scene render capture - to be able to capture wireframe, and unlit (as in UDK) I put in a request for this in 4.6 and many others have also mentioned this.

PLEASE Epic, add support for this, its vital for our project. thanks :slight_smile:

If you could give more information regarding the Landscape Mirror Tool that’d be great.

I dont have VS 2015, thus I installed the redistribute.
If I choose to install VS 2015 in the future, do I need to remove/uninstall the redistribute, or take any other special action?

Is there a place where we can see a backlog of issues that haven’t been addressed? It’d be nice to have a look at a list of issues (in something like Jira) and pick some that the UE dev team won’t get around to.

During the game jam I got A LOT of crashing in Blueprints by using Ctrl-Z regularly. I considered looking into it but I have no idea if it’s something being worked on and if so where it’s at.

Looks solid so far for an Preview release. :slight_smile:

Questions -

  1. Has there been any progress on the Large world Coordinate system?
  2. Has there been any progress on getting the world origin shifting with Multiplayer?

Just curious :slight_smile:

  • HeadClot

We do not have this, but we are considering the possibility. I’m not sure which version of engine you used for the GameJam, but 4.9.2 did include a few fixes for Blueprint Undo crashes.

What’s the status of temporal AA being bad quality (grainy/ghosty)? It wasn’t fixed in 4.9.X AFAIK and I don’t see the note in 4.10.


And I am just right there with you…

YESSSSS! THE SEQUENCER! I will wait until 4.10 is the final release and the sequencer is considered to be stable to some degree.
I’ve been waiting for that tool since UE4 was released. Matinee really needed a replacement! Finally I will be able to save the sequences :slight_smile:

Sequencer will still be “Experimental” all throughout 4.10. It most likely won’t be fully supported until 4.11 or later.