Unreal Engine 4.10 crash matinee after few seconds of exporting

Hi, everyone, i’ve been try to render an Archiviz with matinne in UE 4.10 but everytime that i try to export to PNG / JPG, it opens the record window and everything ok, but after 60 frames, some times 17 frames it crashes, just a few times it render until the end, i’ve been looking on the forums, i dont have any VR conected
My machine specs:
AMD 64 3.5ghz
4Tb DD
Nvidia GTX Titan Black

Hello Okichkoatl -

I know we have had some issues in 4.10 regarding the length of the output folder for rendered movies from matinee. Can you try to adjust that output folder to be a smaller file path (character wise), for example something like C:\Temp\Matinee.

See if that clears up your crashing for you. If it does not, can you make sure to submit the crash reporter message and link your Machine ID here. If your crash is not yielding a crash reporter window, please go to the following wiki for instructions and post your windows event viewer:

Thank You

Eric Ketchum