Unreal engine 32bit

Hey Guys, I need UE4 for Editing UPK files.
I start download und tried to install but then the installer says
“That installation Package is not supported on your platform” [Translate from GER]

In this video i saw a 32bit version of UE :

Its not avaible on website, where can i find it?

Version dont Matter!***

As far as I’m aware there is no 64-bit version of Unreal Engine 4.
What you’re seeing in the video is 32-bit version of UDK, which is available here

Unfortunately, there is not a 32-bit version of Unreal Engine 4, even if there were, 32-bit would not be nearly good enough for a piece of software like this.

Version does matter. UPK files have a versioning system, so you need to use the correct version and build (or newer build) of the editor in order to open them…