Unreal Engine 2 and Unreal Engine 4 Hardware

I have kinda feedback here, about the engine, hardware requeriments, and some independent development.

At first sorry for my english, it’s not my native language, and with this the first problem maybe this feedback will help. I live in Brazil, and how much people are tired of hearing this, Brazil is not for “Begginers”.

One of the most big barriers for developing here is hardware. A high end PC here is twice expensive as there, so for the developer here is expensive the hardware, and for the public make it expensive too. I not asking to make the Unreal Engine 4, more light to run in low end pc’s. It’s really hard to make the engine to this, and optmize it, i recognize it. But one of the goals that Epic games look is to hit the Indie Developer, but most of the indie Developers love Unity Engine, one of the most things that take Epic out of the indie developer market.

The most thing that makes it is Hardware requeriments, people here still uses 32 bits system. I know its old but it is what we got (I posting this on this forum with a 32bits system, nad my computer is still 32bits looks unbeliavable but is the truth). The Behold Studios here on Brazil that brought the Knights of Pen and Paper, and Chroma Squad, uses the Unity just cause of that hardware requeriments. Many people won’t believe but because of low requeriments and low end pcs here League of Legends is Still a big thing in Brazil, not even Overwatch and all his advertising could break the popularity of League here. And Fortnite got some barriers too. This is one of the points. as i said i not asking to remake the unreal engine 4 to run in low end pcs. But i know you still have something wonderfull that is Unreal Engine 2, that i met in the form of Unreal Tournament 2004 (great game still playing today and i have my on Player model on the game), but its a engine that could run easy on a low end pc, and as a independent developer we want to archieve a new gameplay or a new concept of game, not focusing on a AAA Graphics.

Just for the feedback will be really great we can have an license of an Unreal Engine 2 with an affordable price like the Unreal Engine 4 for independent developers.

Even with the old engine we can do a great job, like the guys on the Tripwire Studios make Killing Floor game from the iconic mod.

Thanks for your attention, and sorry for my grammar!

Realistically, it’s just not worth the time, the market for that is very very small and it’d be more trouble than it’s worth.

Better make a 2d mobile app then… the market is bigger, the time to complete is faster too…


  1. Games are usually designed and produced for global audience. Profits from country like Brazil or my country (Poland) wouldn’t be enough to sustain a studio, even an indie studio. This is global market.
  2. You can run pretty UE4 games on low end PCs. It all depends on the game. Fortnite or mobile Lineage are great examples.
  3. Obviously, nobody would try to resurrect old generation of tech. Developers in 2018 shouldn’t be allowed to tortures themselves… Killing Floor was released in 2009 while dinosaurs were still walking on this planet.