Unreal Engine 11 Full Screen Bug

I just downloaded version 11. The new features are excellent but I am running into what appears to be a bug when I go into full screen on my 1920 x 1080 monitor. A “light” boarder creeps in around the left and top of the screen when in full screen (only happens when in full 1920 x 1080 full screen). Strong lens flare like effects also get stuck on the screen. When I go out of full screen and then back to full screen it goes back to normal but within 10 seconds or so of walking around the effects creep in until it is extremely noticable. The pic attached lighting isn’t built but the same thing happens when lighting is built as well. I tested on 2 maps with same effect. This appears to have been adopted with version 11. Check link to image below, notice the border on left and top of pic. Also all the extreme lighting is not how that normally looks, that light gets stuck to the screen and doesn’t go away…as time goes on more and more light gets stuck to the screen. Going out of full screen and back in clears the glitch but in 10 seconds or so it all creeps back in. Anyone else get this?

I would put this into the feedback for epic section and also send a bug report through the AnswerHub

Second that. I’m having this exact issue. For me it happens regardless of resolution. I’ve isolated it to my UMG HUD. When I run the RemoveAllWidgetsFromViewport node (think that’s the name, I’m not in front of my pc) the problem instantly clears.

If you post this on AnswerHub, can you drop a link to it here? Or let me know and I’ll start the AnswerHub topic if you can’t.

Also, my HUD is not using anything complex or experimental.

My HUD isn’t either. Go ahead and start the answer hub topic, I haven’t used the answer hub yet.

Yeah it’s pretty bad. Attached is another photo I just took of it. F11 gives this effect on and off. Other things start behaving weird too.

I have had this problem since 4.9 I believe, it is extremely annoying, and does have to do with UMG.

Really? I just started getting it with 4.11

Same here.

Did anyone make a bug report yet?

I am using an older AMD driver wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I’m not using any lens flairs so I’m only getting the problem with the top and left side looking like your first pic Allen.

I can confirm that the issue goes away when hud/widgets are not active, so Nerds is right it must be UMG HUD.

Like I said in other thread it goes away when I do a an actual build and seems to only happen in editor when F11 fullscreen.

I posted it on the answerhub here: 4.11 PIE screen edge glow - UE4 AnswerHub

Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

Thanks Daniel for doing the AnswerHub topic for us :slight_smile: I’m anxious to get this figured out.

Thanks for posting the answerhub topic. Hopefully this will get fixed with a patch.

Anyone know if this is fixed in the new version 12 preview? I haven’t been able to use full screen since I downloaded version 11. None of the updates fix it (seems almost worse now).