Unreal Engine 1 Download?

The only computer available for use in my home is a Windows XP. I wasted my one game engine download on my mom’s computer on Unity. Can I still get Unreal Engine 1?

No, the only older version of Unreal that’s available is UDK which is Unreal Engine 3. By the way, there’s no limit to how many computers you can install game engine tools on, you just log-in to the service.

I know there’s no limit. My mom won’t let me download another. Where can I download UDK?

It’s here -
I wouldn’t recommend it though, as the engine is already outdated and UE4 has much better toolset (PBR Materials, Blueprint scripting, full C++ access, full source code, etc… ). See if you can get them to allow you to download UE4 instead of UDK. It’s totally worth it in my opinion.

Edit: Oh, you’re using Windows XP? I get it why you want UDK instead of UE4.

Yeah, UE4 don’t work. Thanks for the help!

Setup your computer to duel boot into Linux.

No, I like the Windows XP OS. I’m fine with UDK.

I would like to chime in here, and ask again for the source to Unreal Engine 1. Way back when UE4 was still $20 per month, a long discussion went on about the future of UE1. Developers were even considering a stripped version for release. I would still like to see this.

When I get my Raspberry Pi I’ll set that up for Linux.

The Raspberry Pi does not have enough cpu, ram and it doesn’t have a video card so it can not run UE4. The suggestion was because you don’t want to spend the money to upgrade from WindowsXP Operating System and is a viable solution, if that is your system has the hardware specs necessary to run UE4.

My Windows XP cannot run UE4. I’m hoping UDK will.

If your PC meets the specs it will! :smiley:

I run it in XP all the time!

Yay! I’m not the only one who uses XP!

Nope! Not the only one! :smiley:

But if you wish to get in to UE4 I would suggest getting a new hardrive and installing win7-8-10 on it.
Or paritoning part of your hard drive for Ubuntu and use UE4 that way.

I’m about to buy a gaming desktop. My current computer doesn’t support shaders so UDK won’t work either :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t support shaders?

That must be pretty old.

Best of luck with a new PC! :smiley:

Thank you for the luck! And actually, funny thing, I found my current computer on a list of top ten worst PCs. “#10 Dell Dimension 4600”

Ouch! My friend has one!

Mine hasn’t given me any trouble though. Must’ve bought the lucky winner.