Unreal Educators, licenses, the best way to approach it?

Hello community, I’m an Environment artist very interested in Unreal education. I’m specializing in it on my own with the software, focusing on videogames mainly and after having a look at the website I saw that we have a guide to teach Unreal in schools, etc, and tutorials (some of them a bit outdated) and more information. which is absolutely great. My question is if I want to specialize in the software, which is the best way; instructor guides and epic-approved textbooks? Everything is there?

There is something similar to Adobe educators, an examen where you can get a license to be an official educator? What if I’m interested in be part Unreal website? Creating documentation, information, videos/tutorials, etc? There is something like collaborators?

Thank you so much for your time, I’m really into Unreal but I’m not sure how to approach the next level with the software.
Have a nice week!


If you want to improve your Unreal Engine skills, it’s just a matter of learning, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just the learning materials provided by Epic themselves, there’s lots of tutorials and guides available along with online workshops from people that aren’t affiliated with Epic that are extremely useful.
If you wish to start teaching Unreal yourself it sounds like you want to work with Epic, that would likely mean getting hired by Epic in a position related to developing training materials. You should also consider other options though, for example you can develop learning videos that you post online, or find a way to teach your own online workshop. There’s also many universities that have game development programs that teach Unreal where you could work.