Unreal Educator Livestream Series - Unreal Kickstart: Exploring the Anatomy of Unreal - May 22

This livestream will focus on the Unreal Engine Kickstart for Developers learning path and resources available on Unreal Online Learning, developed by Sjoerd De Jong and Mario Palmero, along with the evangelism team in EMEA.

The Kickstart project is a big-picture, holistic overview of Unreal Engine 4. Initially developed for experienced game developers to get started with Unreal Engine, it provides a schematic overview to help you understand the relationships between the various systems and tools in Unreal Engine.

We will discuss with Sjoerd and Mario how the Kickstart came about, how it was developed, and how educators can access and use the Kickstart to help guide their curriculums.

See you Friday!

Friday, May 22 @ 2:00PM ET



Luis Cataldi - Global Education Evangelist - @EpicLuisC](http://www.twitter.com/EpicLuisC)
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D](http://www.twitter.com/TomShannon3D)
Mark Flanagan - EMEA Education Partnership Manager - @marknaught](http://www.twitter.com/marknaught)

Special Guests
Sjoerd De Jong - Lead Evangelist - @Hourences](http://www.twitter.com/Hourences)
Mario Palmero - Evangelist - @sindromequijote](http://www.twitter.com/sindromequijote)

Access the Unreal Engine Kickstart for Developers learning path on the Unreal Online Learning portal for free today!



When will the resources become available?

Luis is great to listen to! After watching the video, where can I find the schematic that was talked about? I went into the learning portal and could not find it anywhere.


Thanks for your great efforts to help the community.

Is there a place where I can find the schematics?
Thanks in advance!

Wondering this as well.

I would like to know this also. This needs to be part of the documentation, it was nicely structured.

Yes having access to the schematics would be great!!!

On the live stream they said that there were some tweaks that they are doing before they release it to the public.

Hi all, as Sjoerd mentioned during the stream, the schematics are being reworked and will be released once they have been completed and reviewed for accuracy. Please hang tight. They will become available soon.


So after watching this, I decided to give the “Unreal Engine Kickstart for Developers” path a go… and whilst they mentioned that you can hop around and do the bits that are relevant to you, I am not sure that is correct. I might be wrong, but it looks like it is a linear path - you cannot progress to the next topic until you have achieved 100% completion in the test for the previous topic…

Any news on when the schematics will be made available?

Thanks for uploading the pdf but Im curious if the unreal learning files will be uploaded.

Keep up the great work…