Unreal Editor within a virtual machine?

Has anyone had luck with running the Unreal Editor within a virtual machine?

I’m considering virtualizing my dev environment and UE compatibility is a pretty big question mark. I’d just as soon not burn a few hours setting it up only to find it won’t work.

Thanks for any feedback,

UE4 is made for at least Dx10 and OpenGL 3.something.

Microsofts RemoteFX is the only one I read about that supports something better then DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.1. I didnt test it but I would suppose performance ends up horrible non the less.

I think NVidia Quadro cards can be controlled by a native driver in virtualized OSes, though I dont know what VM host is needed.

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All i know is that virtual machines generally dont work well with high end graphics or emulating video cards.