Unreal Editor Veteran

Hello to you all.

This is my first post in this new forum, I was on the old epic games forums since 10 years ago (under the name Gizmo).

I first used Unreal Editor in 1999 when it shipped with Unreal Tournament and have had a successful career in the games industry since then but now create interactive architectural visualisations.

I can’t remember the last time I used Unreal Editor but I’m busy getting into UED4 just now and it’s unrecognisable from when I last used it!

Fill me in

Any other people around from way back then?


Hi there.

Since 2004 we got whole new material system, all with pbr. Then we have lightmass ie static lighting system. And blueprints which is really great visual script for making projets and games.

There are plenty of tutorials, basic editor navigation is still there. So create some old style map with CSG, then light it and texture. When you get hold on that, import some of your arch vis projects over.

And i think this will be good start for you:

Yo, got Unreal 1 back in 1998. I loved that old subtractive CSG method of editing so much, and I’ve never quite got used to the ‘new’ method of just plonking premade meshes in your level. Not quite the same, but HammUEr will let you use a number of old-school level editors in conjunction with UE4.