Unreal editor version suitable for 32bit systems

As mentioned in this link: Win32 prebuilt libraries - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

I know it is not officially supported but it looks like it can be done. However I would like a more user-freindly way to install and run it in 32bit despite any performance concerns.

I would find this useful when I can’t always use a 64bit Desktop system. When I’m travelling or away I have a windows netbook/tablet at 32bit that I can already use to preview projects with UDK, Unity, Blender, etc. So I don’t think Unreal 4 should be an exception.

Mainly when using smaller devices it would be great for Blueprint creation, simulation and testing.

Alternatively an Unreal 4 Blueprint simulator App for mobile devices would be just as good.


The problem with 32bit systems is that they only allow 3.25GB(or so) of RAM, which is an extremely small amount for deving with an engine as heavy as UE4.

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If you want to use the editor you will have to have a 64-Bit system, there’s no reason for them to support 32-bit

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All PCs nowadays are 64bit systems. How on Earth did you end up having 32bit OS ?!

RAM limitation with 32bit is a windows issue. 32-bit Ubuntu can utilize more than 4Gb RAM through the use of PAE.

I do use a typical 64bit system for the editor but I also see a practical use for some non-intensive aspects of Unreal in smaller systems. Particularly the Blueprint feature. I know this can work because I have done similar stuff with kismet in UDK using a limited 32bit device just fine with no performance issues.

I’m not saying I use a 32bit system to build graphically intensive, memory hogging materials, lighting or textures.

Still I want to use UE4 Blueprints on my tablet-PC platform either as an app, on the browser, or in a 32bit editor. Then I want the ability to transfer the blueprints I make to whatever PC system that I’m using to build the unreal game.

I’m asking for a 32bit version of the editor because I think that would be quicker to release since it looks like it has already been worked on. It would also increase exposure of UE4, for the very reason why Microsoft still supports Win32 with Windows 10.

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To be honest if people are serious about gamedev enough to download the engine, they should have a 64-bit system. I don’t think anybody can really dispute that.

I can’t see UE running on 32-bit anytime soon to be honest, I’m always well over 3.5gb with Unreal open on my machine. Windows requests around 2Gb on it’s own, which leaves unreal with considerably less than 1.5 gigs to play with by the time all your other apps are running.

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TheJamsh, it is natural for a 64-bit system to consume much more RAM than a 32-bit system running the same tasks. A 32-bit system is actually more efficient in terms of cpu performance and ram usage in comparison (it just has a ram limit). Therefore it’s great for compact slimline devices.

So for example 32-bit windows on my Tablet-PC only requests around 745Mb on its own. And it runs UDK and Unity5 smooth enough on top.

True but that’s often just because the programs have been forced to use less ram, so they run less efficiently. It would be a serious stretch to get Unreal running on anything lower, the problem isn’t really the engine - it’s also all the content you need to keep loaded for the editor to work.

It’s a nice idea, but honestly I can’t see it ever coming to fruition. A vast, if not 99%+ of UE4 devs understand that they need a 64-bit system for sanity reasons. It would be a lot of dev time just to cover the remaining 1% (lol)

Ok what do you think about a HTML5 UE4 Blueprint simulator web app?
That can be shared/edited/commented collaboratively with other users. Just like how you can use Google Docs.

A lot of people would love a standalone Blueprint tool, one of the issues though is if you separate that from the editor it won’t necessarily be as useful.

I was actually wondering about the possibility of having two people logged in online, editing things in the engine at the same time.

Yes I was thinking that since seeing what the Swarm Agent can do with networked PCs. It would be great to use the unreal editor in a mulitplayer enviroment. I think it would be possible as long as the Blueprint compiling and save buttons are all synced to prevent clashing. Or have a Host PC as the server that stores all the data and updates the PC clients for every action that is performed by the users. Doubt it could work for C++ code projects though.

I think it would be very useful, far better then what devs are currently doing; sending screenshots of blueprints and hope it is clear enough to follow.

What you are not considering is the fact that the blueprint subsystem is so tied into the engine/editor that it would stop functioning if it were on its own.
All the functions and code that is run behind the scene is part of the editor and not only used for blueprints. Blueprints are not some middleware type subsystem that is added to UE4. It is an integral part of the editor… The whole node display is the same that the material editor uses… and the sound cue editor, etc…

Its the same as if you would ask: Hey microsoft, make the explorer work without windows, im only browsing files anyway, need no desktop or drivers…

Unreal Engine 4 in my system already exceeded the 5GB in Ram memory,
running a very simple and basic project!

I would love to see it running on 32-bit, not exceeding 3GB. Oh wonderful performance !!! Then could go back in time then create a DOS version. That peace of mind! All Editor running very light and fast in my old machine.

KVogler, I’m actually suggesting a logic simulator for reference, where you can have placeholders or printed strings as outputs.

Take a look at http://www.partsim.com/
It is an Electronic Circuit Simulator that runs on the browser. You can build circuit schematics with it and no it does not print out the real circuitry for you. It is purely for reference and simulation…

The same thing could be done with Unreal Blueprints since everyone claims the engine is too “heavy” to run on smaller devices for reference purposes.

Now I would like to see an Epic developer have an opinion and say why it can’t be done, regardless of pipeline priorities. It is a feature request after all.

Having 64bit PC and running 32bit OS is nonsense. It’s like having top PC and running Windows 3.1. Please get back into the real-world and install 64bit Ubuntu, and save trouble for everyone.

, please read the thread fully before posting.

I think there’s too many things outside of Blueprints that the Blueprints editor needs to access to be able to simulate them correctly. You could construct blueprints, but you wouldn’t know if they work without testing in the editor.

This exactly. I am working on a mobile project. So if I could get the editor to run directly on my Tablet-PC then I would be able to test accelerometer and gyroscope features without the need to package it to a mobile device first.

Already exist in the market octacore gadgets much better than my old PC, Windows XP, 32bit.

And when you packaging your game, you can packaging it to x86 processors. You can choose the platform, android, iOS … Then it will cooking your game to x86 or / and x64