Unreal Editor stopped working

Hello, basically my problem is about an hour ago i was using UE4 with no problems, saved/closed went afk, came back…

now whenever i try to launch the editor it just opens up the “Unreal Editor” Splash screen that says loading…

i’ve deleted the engine and anything ue4 related other than projects(on another ssd) and reinstalled 3x now, and restarted each time. ive looked around on google/here for answers but cant seem to find anything related, if someone knows a fix, or could point me to the right thread, would be much appreciated.

-make sure to start the UE4 with admin rights
-from where do you open the project?
-what happens when you wait for a longer time after the “loading…” appears?:slight_smile: -> right after the installation it could take a while till the project loads


Could you please post on AnswerHub (bug reports)? Be sure to include the files and info on your system detailed in post as well.

They will be able to help you determine the cause of . Be sure to leave a link to your question here as well once you post it.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Edit: whoops sorry ! your too fast :slight_smile:

well currently, ive been able to use it by uninstalling via the .msi exec, reinstalling, redownloading the engine, then i can use it no problem, if i close the editor i cant reopen it, it just hangs on the loading screen, so each time i want to use it i have to delete and redownload/install, which kinda sucks, i got no clue why its started doing all of a sudden.

Sounds very strange. As mentioned, post it onto answerhub. :slight_smile:

Just another short question: do you use a c++ project? + open a project with the .uproject file which you can find in the project folder

Also try opening the project again and while it says loading, open up the windows Task Manager (right click on the TaskBar and choose Task Manager).

If the CPU usage is close to or at 100%, that likely means it is busy compiling shaders. Have a look through the list and you should find a few “Shader Compiler Worker” tasks running. If you see , then it means the editor should eventually load (depending on how many shaders it is compiling, could take some time too finish), and usually only happens the first time you load a project.

If the CPU usage is fairly low and the “UnrealEngine” task in the list is not showing any activity, then most likely it has frozen.

What was the longest amount of time you waited before closing the program? I would try and leave it alone for a while just to make sure it is not busy working. :slight_smile:

when its loading cpu usagin at 1%. i know that its not loading anything. because i have left it to boot up for over an hour, only fix is reinstalling which kind of sucks, each time i use it makes me less and less interested because of that reason :/. dont see any shader compiler references in the processes either.

Ok definilty needs to be reported on AnswerHub (bug reports) then. Be sure to include the files and info on your system detailed in post as well so Epic staff can look into it for you.