Unreal Editor Shortcuts for Mac OS X

Some key shortcuts (or all?) for Mac don’t work. For example, ctrl+w doesn’t duplicate items in UE4 editor for Mac. Delete button doesn’t work for Mac to delete items. I think it’s because delete button in Mac is actually backspace button in Windows. Delete button in Windows is only available in a separate island of keys, including page down, home, end buttons. The default magic keyboard does not include such keys.

Also, is there any plan to update key short cuts for native OS or make them customizable at some time later?

I think that following system keyboard shortcuts are quite important, so people who uses Mac already can dive into Unreal Engine without so many hurdles.

For example, all Mac pro tools support duplicate by holding down option(alt) drag for almost every logical items.

It is quite confusing to mix use pattern and key shortcuts because, once I start booting up Windows, I expect stuff to work in Windows way. And, the same goes for Mac.