Unreal editor resets layout

Unfortunately my Unreal Editor now resets the main layout every time I reopen the project. This is not ideal as I have to reconfigure all the windows every time. It didn’t used to do that before 4.19.

Any idea on how to fix it?


Go into the “Editor Preferences” and go to “General - Appearance - User Interface - Asset Editor Open Location” and change it from “Default” to “Main Window”, so that you don’t have to rearrange the windows every time you open the editor.

Thanks Andrei. It’s not it - it’s about where I put the content browser, Viewport, Content browser, etc - I tend to use it in a quite different way than the default and unfortunately the changes don’t get saved anywhere apparently, so every time I open the project the content browser is at the bottom, Modes at the left, etc, differently from where I leave them.

I see. Hmm… This doesn’t happen to me on 4.19.2. If I dock the Content Browser anywhere else in the editor window, close the editor, start it up again, it will remember its position. Is this a fresh project or one that was converted from a previous version? Sounds like one of the config .ini files (from the project’s “Config” folder) might be read-only or something.

Indeed there were a bunch of files read only - I made them all read-write but layout still comes out as default every time. Maybe something went wrong with my install…

I have the same problem

This annoys me quite a bit too…