Unreal editor process never stops on close

Unreal editor never closes in the background and in fact keeps increasing memory usage when i close the program by normal means… Only ctrl alt delete and killing the process actually ends it. Was wondering why my comp was running like crap… and that was the reason. 10 min after quitting it was still running in the background and it does this every time.

Just thought id report this.

Hey ,

Is this every time you close the editor? Also I want to confirm that it’s the UE4Editor.exe process and not the EpicGamesLauncher.exe


Are you creating any custom Threads?

Yes its teh UE4Editor.exe…

and sometimes ill be at like 7gb used memory, but after i close the editor it will very gradually keep goign up… i’ve seen it get to 10 gb after closing…

No. No programming has been done in the scene… im an artist jsut building a level.

Also not sure if its every time but i can confirm it has happened to me at least 10 times if not more.

Can you download 4.10 Preview 4 and tell me if it’s still occurring there?

maybe next week… would prefer to wait for final 10… dont like working off preview versions.

If you’d prefer to wait, I’ll be marking this as fixed for tracking purposes.

Ok i tried it with 4.10 final and same issue. Its either not closing in the background process… or it is taking very very long and keeps adding to the memory number… im talkn gbs worth of memory extra climbing after close… Usually just ctrl alt delete it or my comp becomes unuseable.

Problem is reproduceable on multiple computers… with different hardware.

Can you send me the dxdiag info for all those computers? Like I said, this is not reproducable here and we’d like to see if we can set up a test machine. Can you try this on a blank sample project?

link text

Here is 1 dx diag… other comp is at home…

I will say my project is pretty huge so maybe you need a project thats taking up a lot of resources to replicate it.

Can you update to the latest non-beta driver for your GPU?

link text

Here is the other dx diag from the other computer.

Can you update to the latest non-beta driver for both of your GPU’s? Also, did you try this on a blank project to confirm whether or not it’s something going on with your project?

The computer with the gtx 980 was updated to the latest non beta driver over the weekend. I still have to end up control alt deleting unreal usually… It sticks around for a while. Don’t know if its permanent, but if you are working on a very big project it tends to just stay in the background for a while taking up resources.

Also, Just noticed something else… Hitting play with standalone mode also creates anotehr instance of UE4Editor.exe … and it also does not disappear until i ctrl alt delete it… Just noticed cause my computer was no longer respond as it was trying to close it properly but couldnt i guess.

We’ve tried to reproduce this with KiteDemo, which is gigantic. The UE4Editor.exe process hangs around for about 5-10 seconds after closing and then goes away.

I need to know if this is occurring outside of your project. Can you download KiteDemo and attempt to load all the levels, then close the editor(should be taking up about 10GB of RAM after loading the levels)?

I’m having the same issue on different systems as well, but usually the process remains for 5-10 minutes making my pc incredibly slow (which it does as well when the editor is running 99% ram usage) Maybe that’s related somehow?

I’ve given up on this. Just ctrl - alt - delete it after u hit close and the window is no longer in view. The ram usage usually goes way up after u hit close .