Unreal editor not loading

When I click on launch I don’t get the unreal editor anymore it just launches one of my projects. I want to work on my other projects so I need the unreal editor. Anyone know how to get it back?


instead of pressing launch, your projects should all be in the library tab, and you can open them from there unless your booting off a flash drive or something. If that is the case, then make a build of that project next time you have it open and you can just open it from that file.

I click on a project in the library, right click and choose open and it says there is no program associated with it.

Yes I am using a flash drive. I rename the project that keeps loading by adding one letter to it and then when Iclick launch the editor comes up.

Seems a little weird and not ideal. I’d prefer if things could just behave as they did and the the editor shows up as it should.