Unreal Editor needs to request Mic / Camera permissions on Mac Os Mojave?

I’m working with Microphone and Camera input in Unreal Editor (4.20.3 and 4.21.2) and on Mac Os Mojave all the code that deals with the Mic or Camera fails. For the microphone the VoiceCapture code connects but just returns 0’s for all the bytes. For the camera, it doesn’t show up in the list of Video Capture device in the Media player.

It seems pretty easy to implement but I’m not sure how to mix Obj-C with Unreal’s C++ (and there is no example code that I can find). Apple Developer Documentation

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it just not working for me?

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I have same problem with u.

However, 4 years later, we still don’t know how to do it…

Is there really no Fix to simply give Mic/Camera permissions on MacOS?