Unreal Editor - Max Cap Refresh Rate

Hey. I don’t know if others are having this issue, but in some parts of the editor, the refresh rate of the particular window is insane, and is causing an insane amount of coil whining on my video card.

For example, if you close the editor and have files that aren’t saved, that prompt window is being refreshed for me at around 3000 frames per second, causing my video card to sing.

Is there a way to fix this?

** I should also mention that I have a 570 GTX, and I have v-sync enabled.

Edit -> Project Settings -> Engine -> general settings. Scroll all the way down for frame rate targeting

When i use FRAPS (although not recommended in the editor), it still gives me over 3000 refresh rate on some windows.

2014-04-17 22_49_33-MyFirstProject - Unreal Editor.jpg

That’s weird that a menu is producing frames at all. Makes me wonder if that’s what causes the editor to crash sometimes.

Im going to take a look at the code when I get around to it and try to get some output values.