Unreal Editor lags when mouse is outside of viewport

Hi there,

I have some wired lags when my mouse hovers over other things than those in the viewport, for example when I hover over objects in the content browser or the tabs above the viewport etc. First I thought it was because of the preview render settings which I changed to minimal and so on, but it didn’t change at all. My PC should be powerfull enough to run such small projects twice:

  • Win 10 with newest build and all drivers/bios up to date

  • i7-6700K

  • 32GB RAM

  • GTX 980 Ti with newest driver

I also made a video about this, so you can imagine it better: [VIDEOLINK][1]
You have to pay attention to the upper right corner where the pulsing circle is. It lags (like everything in UE4 then is) when I hover over certain things in the editor (the viewport works fine, as I’m showing later). The Problem wasn’t OBS, with which I recorded it, because it also happens when I don’t record, but here is a Screenshot of my taskmanager when recoding and using UE4 with all settings and renderer on ultra:


I don’t know wether something like this happend before to others, but by searching the web and Forums, I couldn’t find something similiar.