Unreal Editor keeps crashing when opening static mesh editor

I am relatively new with unreal editor. I use a 2017 Surface Pro with the following specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i7-7660U (up to 4.0 GHz)
GPU: Intel Iris Plus 640

I had a couple of errors with the Skybox so I clicked on it to open the static mesh editor, which crashes every time. So I restart the software and it asks me if I want to restore my content. I click ‘Yes’ then it crashes again. I open it again and this time I select don’t restore content. When I click on the static mesh editor to fix my skybox, the software crashes. The last time I was working with the software, it was running fine (I was able to open the static mesh editor without the software crashing). I am more than midway finishing up my project but I don’t know why I am running into issues. Can someone come up with alternatives? I don’t think my computer specs are the issue if I was able to open the static mesh editor in the first place.

You might be experiencing a bug, but also your GPU is well below the minimum requirements to run UE4

Found a solution, credit to hdp.

thx for this