Unreal Editor in Wine

This thread had to be opened at some point.

Just tried it on Ubuntu 12.04 with wine-1.6.1 and it totally bombed.

Also tried in Crossover and had same results (couldn’t even install the installer)

Will try on un updated version of Ubuntu/ SteamOS with supported hardware soon.

I’ll report back updates as they come through.


…and thats one of the reasons why Wine is not a solution to the problem of not having port.

Could not agree more.

I love Linux and the Wine guys, but Wine is seeming more and more nowerdays as a bit of a hack.

Doesn’t stop me being curiouse tho :confused:

I tried with Wine 1.7 and -d3d10 switch but that does not work either because … DX10/DX11 support is just not there yet.

Either way, it is a waste of time, we should focus the effort onto getting the source to compile under Linux, then we’ll have a native client/server/editor.

Progress was already made, just search here on the forum.

Well Windows version of UE4 got opengl renderer too, did you tried -opengl or -opengl4?

To be honest, I did not but as I said, I’d rather see a native editor application. I will try to help that effort, instead of hacking around with Wine. :slight_smile:

I want too :stuck_out_tongue: