Unreal Editor in VR - Official megathread

Thank you for the feedback and trying it out!

1: To use the handles of the gizmo you have to do a light press with the trigger. We know it’s not perfect, but we want users not to select handles that are in or behind the object when they want to select the object itself. I hope that helps

2: This is because we put you in game mode when entering VR Editor. When you go into the terrain editing you are forced out of the game mode and the editor shows all the icons and lines for objects such as lights and collision boxes. At the end of the laser there is a light, so that is why that icon is showing up there.

1: I found that the first time I enter VR editor mode I cant see the handles for only scale, everything else works. to get the scale handles to appear I have to enter and exit vr mode and switch through the widgets 3 or 4 times, it never disappears after that.

2: even with it showing all the Icons, lights and volumes, should I still be able to edit terrain? the brush is stuck in 1 place.

3: I cant pull “geometry” objects into my scene nor can I edit any I placed outside the VR editor, I can use the basic white cube and sphere but not what used to be "bsp brushes’

thank you guys for all the hard work! the VR editor has been hands down the most compelling experience I have had on my vive and I cant wait to be able to utilize it once it reaches its potential!

1: On the radial menu and on the quick menu you can find a cycle for all the different types of handles and the universal one.
2: No, we do not support terrain editing yet. Of course it’s on our list of future things.
3: The problem is probably that those meshes don’t have collision. We are ray-tracing objects for collision and we cannot (yet) collide with those that don’t have collision. So you won’t be able to select them and pick them up.


Plugin ‘OculusRift’ failed to load because module ‘OculusRift’ could not be found.
Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.

I want to know how to solve this problem, I have already installed oculus runtime 0.8 .

Sorry, but you need to install Oculus Home with runtime 1.3.

It works in 4.11 - I’ve just begun modifying the VR Editor, and the voice recognition is one aspect.

Also if you are interested, imagine a siri assistant., or ibm watson.

But you would need BLUI in editor to display webpages, as I am not sure about the built -in game browser. I’d like to use BP to modify the editor interface live.

Long term this would be Epic!

Thank you for making this early version available to test out! It already seems useful for tweaking scale and placement within VR.

Any plans to allow editing in VR while playing a game? I’ve found that a common method in iteration is tuning numeric values on objects while playing the game, and instantly seeing the results in the context of the game running. I didn’t see a way to do this with the current VR editor.

To iterate quickly, I am looking for a way to change numeric values in the Details Panel. The quick fix might be to fix the scrubbing when you select the field value with the laser pointer and attempt to increase or decrease it by moving the laser pointer left or right (or let me know what the correct input is). Alternatively, a numeric keypad on the Vive touchpads might be a step towards a full swipe style soft-keyboard.

I am unable to get the VR editor to work on my rig.

I can’t get direct mode to work with Steam VR anyway. It will work properly on the first time I startup the machine but then crashes pretty quickly on any program so I am forced to run in extended mode.

To view the actual “VR preview” stuff I have to load it up, tab out and click on the vive monitor then click back on the VR preview window to see it in the headset.

I just get the red screen indefinitely with the VR editor though.

I can see the tracking and controllers are working fine but I can’t get the screen to show up and compositor just keeps complaining.

Anybody found a solution to this?

I am running 2 GTX 970’s and im thinking that the second card in here may be the main issue since I am able to run in direct mode with the displayport cable on my other machine.

Thank you for your feedback and input ! :slight_smile:

Well it isn’t possible in VR Editor and the conventional editor to change levels in-game/play mode. However, you can try running VR Editor in simulate mode. I have to warn you that it’s not perfect yet.

I agree, the current way with the laserpointer is barely usable. We need to find some way of doing it with the laserpointer and also allow some kind of virtual keyboard input. I have some ideas for virtual keyboards with the touchpads, but I didn’t have the time to implement that yet.

I had a lot of trouble yesterday with the beta version of SteamVR, so I switched to the non-beta version. I still find the need to reboot my Vive dev HMD a fair amount, and restart SteamVR, and occasionally reboot. I don’t know if those issues are completely fixed for me in the non-beta SteamVR, but they are better than yesterday’s beta.

This seems likely, have not tested.

Yep it’s definitely the multiple graphics cards. Managed to have direct mode working fine now but had to run in SLI mode with all my displays on the 1 card. Quite odd that it needs SLI mode, normally SLI is the 1 that tends to cause problems with things.

Works really well so far, few minor hassles here and there with 1 laser pointer not wanting to do the rotations or select the things in the displays but aside from that seems to work fine

I finally got my VIVE so I could test this. Words cannot describe the awesomeness… For architecture visualisation to be able to change scale and to move around the project like that… I’m speechless.

However a couple of things.

  1. VR SLI would be very much needed (2x980ti so I literally have nowhere to go until pascal arrives) The parts of projects where I have several layers of screen space reflections and some speedtree trees make it judder quite a bit. What’s really weird is that sometimes the same views work fluently but not for long. I don’t get it.
  2. as mentioned before, the text on the editor windows is a bit fuzzy. Maybe, considering the current HMDs resolution, you can make them appear closer together and closer to the viewer as opposed to what seems to be the space center. (cente the windows to the current hmd position not the space.
  3. it would be nice to be able to “snap” the scale to 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 (would be nice to be able to go to 100, will try to modify it myself)

beyond excellent, only problem is the GPU limits it too much. As a temporary solution I tried to merge the NVidia multires branch but it’s way beyond my skills.

Hello !
Because i am no real software person it is too dificould for me to install the pre version of the VR editor.
Is there a simple way to do this because I want to test some things for a project.
Thank you for your help.

hello, i finally successfully compiled UE4 VR Editor! :smiley:
At first you have to get used to it, but its alot of fun!
My main question is, how can i quick jump to the ground, placig myself on the ground ?
I allways hover around can’t stand on the ground especialy when moving world around,
is there a way to disable the Z axis in VR?

Thnaks for any Info!

Hey, I developed a ‘TeleportToGround()’ function for the VR Editor in my GitHub fork, but it is not currently binded to a controller key (only on radial menu and on keyboard) because I am still waiting for my Vive to try and validate this! It should come quickly now though, sorry for the delay…

I personally use it as an experiment but for a very real and useful visualization of an ongoing architecture project and also a game concept I’m trying to get started. In that game environment I had planes (textured as clouds) that were really difficult to scale because the current widget superimposes the arrows/tools if an object is flat. Please try to use it with flat objects to check usability as well. It was however a blast moving them and zapping them in vr.

Also, as I mentioned before, more work on the window readability would be welcome.

Hey guys, I’m trying to set up Vive controller to 3D Widget virtual mouse interaction in 4.11 and having some issues - any pointers for whereabouts this is handled in the VR-editor branch so I can port it into my project? Thanks!

Edit: Think I found it, seems to be at UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Editor/VREditor/VREditorInputProcessor.cpp/h and UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Editor/VREditor/VREditorFloatingUI.cpp/h, for reference.

Hey, you should take a look at VREditorUISystem OnVRHoverUpdate and OnVRAction, that’s the code you need.

Looking at that code, it’s pretty much what I was already doing - except I hadn’t set an input pre-processor and I’m not doing the same things with the window/viewport.

I think the main issue I’m having is that the WidgetComponent’s window/viewport is not getting the events, either the mirror window is or the VR viewport itself is.

Anyway, thanks Yannick! I’m going to see if setting up my input preprocessor and maybe doing something hacky with the WidgetComponent’s window/viewport does what I need.

I went into the content folder and reduced the material parameters (intensity lowered) manually.