Unreal Editor Grayed Out

Hi, I am using Engine version 4.26.1

After pulling a project from a team for the first time, after opening the UI of the editor is all grayed out?
It only seems to be this project and only on my computer.
Is this an issue anyone has seen before?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Can you still interact with it?

Yes, Interaction is fine but everything is lite gray.

Looks like a gamma thing with your PC then, I would check your PC color settings

I wish it was, from what I heard a few other members on the team has the same problem other than the creator of the project before checking into version control.
The viewport is working fine, just the Unreal Editor UI.

I have tried other projects on the same computer, they all look fine.

I have the same problem, isn’t the computer every other app is fine - also other unreal projects are fine

Found the fix on my end!

It was a setting in the “Config/DefaultEngine.ini” file.

Had to remove the entry of :