Unreal Editor Freezes seconds after some Projects open

Working on an Unreal 5.1.1 project for almost 4 months now when suddenly the editor has begun freezing after just a few seconds. I’ve found the following:

  • Works fine with older Unreal projects (specifically 5.0.3)

  • Works fine with a different 5.1.1 project which is just an asset pack demo with no blueprints

  • Freezes with ANOTHER 5.1.1 project that used to work, noticeably contains blueprints and animations and such

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling 5.1.1 doesn’t seem to have affected anything

OK a day later the issue seems to be resolved? I tried rolling back my nvidia graphics drivers last night, and maybe it took a restart for the driver change to have any effect?

Not 100% sure but I’m leaving this here, I’m pretty sure the graphics drivers were the problem as I found this line at the bottom of my saved logs:

[2023.06.22-18.38.21:971][ 0]LogD3D12RHI: Warning: GPU timeout: A payload (0x0000049FA5100700) on the [0x0000049F9D812280, 3D] queue has not completed after 5.000144 seconds.

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