[Unreal Editor Extension] - Which function registers additional menus?

Hello dear community,

though ive been able to compile my custom version of the Editor.

And thanks to Michael Noland´s Twitch Training i prepared a window which should show up within the editor.
However since most tutorials using plugins, i dont in my case. I have the following structure:


i added all dependencies and stuff i need.
So then i have the following Editor Classes:

class MyProjectEditor_API UMyEditorExtension : public UUnrealEdEngine

within the cpp of that class i create a custom editor menu which should show up (just for testing).

So the ctor runs fine for this class but i havent found some kind of Init function where i can fire the creation of my additional menu.

Using the Init(Engine loop) -> causes a crash.
PostInitProperties -> causes a crash.

so i need your help to tell me which function i need in order to create my menu for the editor at the right time.

very special thanks for any hints

best regards Wallhalla

hey, i just readded the Init(Engine loop) and its compiling, the only thing is that the Init is not fired at startup.

void UMyEditorExtension::Init(IEngineLoop* InEngineLoop)


maybe im still missing something in the build or target files?!