Unreal Editor crashing if I try to use some Static mesh

UE4 4.24
CPU - I7 7700k
GPU - RTX2060 Super
RAM - 16GB


  1. for many BSP brash create one static mesh (building)
  2. convert some static mesh to one static mesh (building with details)
  3. for just created static mesh create complex collision and use complex collision as simple collision
  4. next I can use this static mesh. can open editor. set to scene etc. ONLY ONE TIME
    Excepted: no problem with my static mesh
    Actual: If try drop static mesh to scene, try open editor, or click right mouse button context menu UE 4 is crash without errors. and can be opened correctly, but I cant use my static mesh

NOTE: this happens with a large complex object, for example, if you use few BSP all works fine.

I don’t know why, but it’s happening the same thing with me. Did you find a way for it to work?

Solution here: