Unreal Editor Crashes While Building Lighting

This error could be reproduced by the following steps:

Create a blank project → Build Lighting Only

I’ve verified and reinstalled the engine several times.

It happens every time while using version 4.11.2, 4.10.4, and 4.9.2, but version 4.3.1 works fine.

The project log (link text) and dxdiag (link text) are attached.

Could someone please help me to solve this issue?

Or is there any other machine-related information I should provide?

Thanks for your help.

Hey dingjun,

This seems like it could be related to your hardware, as you are below suggested specs. You are running an i3 processor with an integrated graphics card, and although it built in 4.3.1, we have moved forward with engine versions with greater compatibility geared towards upcoming hardware and higher rendering specs.

With that said, could you provide me with your full crash logs so I can take a further look at what is causing your project to crash?

For information on how to grab your crash logs, and to provide us with all the necessary details when reporting a bug/crash take a look at the How to Report a Bug sticky on our Forums.


Thanks for your reply.

I used the binary builds from the Unreal Launcher. When the engine crashed, there was no Crash Reporter popped up, and no .LOG or .DMP file created in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue

Instead, Windows just popped up a message saying “Unreal Engin has stopped working.”

Please let me know if there is anything I could provide.

Thank you!

It sounds like your computer is running out of visual memory and crashing the application. As I mentioned earlier, you are running below suggested specs which is going to cause a number of issues.

I wouldn’t mention this if it wasn’t what I believed to be your main issues, but I would honestly look into upgrading your machine so it is more compatible to run the engine.