Unreal Editor crash

Yesterday Ive worked with my landscape material, after Ive added a displacement map for all my 4 layers, shader compilation has started and after some time editor has crushed.
Then Ive restarted it, but during project loading it has crushed again. So now Im not able to load my project.
Is any way to solve this problem? May be it is possible change landscape material to another one manualy before project loading (i.e. in some file of project folder), so I can load my project with some landscape material and remaster my main landscape material? :frowning:

Hi PinkPanteRus,

Can you post this in the AnswerHub in the Bug Reports section? Once posted we can assign one of the support staff to take a look. Be sure to include all relevant information along with Crash Logs and dmp files from your project. You can find out how to report a bug by using the link in my signature below.

Thank you!


Thanks for reply. I will try to do as you say