unreal editor crash when import character in scene

I have just add an animation from the animations starter pack to the blueprint character, now if i put the character in the scene the editor freeze and i have to restart the pc, if i delete the character from scene and i click to play my character is load fine and i can play with it but obviously he don’t have a spawn coordinates and he went spawned under terrain and he fall. this is the documentation that i use

any suggestion for that? can’t find solution in documentation or other thread

move the ground under the spawn coordinates, so the fall will be over ground?

ok now i moved the spawn point is ok but still problem that i can’t add a character in scene or the editor crash!

If it is a default character and animation, I don’t know why that could cause a crash, but you could try this, from file do generate Xcode project or VS project (whatever your platform is), then from file do open project and try to run/debug from there, at less, on the editor crash, you will be able to stop on the breakpoint so you could have access to the stack trace and maybe acquire some extra info for know why it crash.