Unreal Editor Crash When Enabling World Composition

My UE seems to crash when ticking off this option to enable, a message window pops up but I can’t seem to select it and when in the task manager it shows Unreal Engine as not responding, so I’m forced to close it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Edit: It seems to be happening for me every time a new window pops up, when trying to import a .fbx file the window that pop’s up at 75% causes it to freeze as well. No ideas at to what could be causing this.

Hey OJTHGloveless,

In order to assist you with this issue I am going to need a bit more information. Would you mind taking a look at our How to Report a Bug sticky post on the Forums?

It will give you all the correct instructions on how to make an official bug report on the AnswerHub including all the information we will need in order to move forward with the reporting/troubleshooting process.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to assist you.


I would have added some sort of log if it had produced anything in the logs, unfortunately any new window that pop’s up just causes me to force quit Unreal Editor and open it again. For example, opening up an FBX as seen here (Screenshot - e7f6817e26cf0b3a7edc9a782d44d8c7 - Gyazo) creates a new window and just leaves UE not responding in Task Manager.

Here is another screenshot of the World Settings tab, immediately when ticking off World Composition I am greeted with a message window that pop’s up that crashes UE. (Screenshot - da1bbfaa40df0986632fc99afd3b745f - Gyazo)

Nothing in UE4 or project logs, UE just immediately crashes when greeted with an alternate window. Any window within Unreal’s UI works, but a new window all together forces me to close from Task Manager. I searched for the ReportQueue folder in the AppData but I only have a folder in “WER” called “ERC”.

Edit: I even installed the UE4 4.10.0 and when opening an old 4.9 project to convert, the window that pops up to convert even crashes it before opening up editor. Screenshot - 16190648c11eb0f2a79da7757442a793 - Gyazo

Please take a look at the instructions in the link I provided on what is needed in order to assist you. You say it is crashing, but you have to exit via the task manager when you open a new window. If the editor is crashing, it should be generating a crash report, which is the information we need from you.

You mention this occurs when importing and .FBX file. Would you be able to provide me with the .FBX file version extension (2013 or 2014), as well as the polygon and vertex count of the mesh you are attempting to import?

Even if your task manage reports the editor as not responding, if you open the processes tab in your Task Manager, check to see if it is still processing.

I am going to also need your systems ‘dxdiag’ so I can check for any issues there as well. Please attach all of the requested necessary files in a zipped folder in your response.

Thank you,

Hello OJTheGloveless,

You saying you are getting a crash, but in order to assist you I am going to need the crash report generated from this Crash Reporter which should pop up when the editor crashes. The instructions on how to provide me with your crash logs are within the link I provided in my initial response on, How to Report a Bug.

One thing you can try is to use the ‘Reset Layout’ option. You could have a window that is corrupted somehow, and opening a new window causes it to crash. To do this go to the ‘Window’ menu and select the ‘Reset Layout’ option.

Hopefully this resolves your issue, but let me know if you still need help.

Thank you,