Unreal Editor 4 doesn't get past 45%

Hi, i’m new to the Unreal Engine and Editor. However, when I tried using the Editor 4.18.0, the initialization stops at 45%. Using a Windows 10 computer. Any files I need to open, edit or delete to allow the editor to load?

At 45% unreal is compiling some key shaders, this takes a very long time (up to 30 minutes on my old laptop). If you wait it will load, it is a one time thing so in the future you wont have to wait so long

Ok, it did finish loading after a wait. But now it is just a black screen titled Unreal Project Browser. My graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics card. How can i resolve this?First time using btw, and it’s Windows 8.1, not 10.

Intel HD graphics are built into the CPU, they are ideal for small tasks so might be causing the issue here. Take a look at this page and ensure you meet the requirements for running the engine

Basically I waited hours on end to use this tool, and it won’t even work on my laptop? Could I simply update my Graphics card, or do I need to buy a new one?

Ok so here are my system specs: Intel Celeron Processor N2840. Intel HD Graphics. 4GB DDR3 L Memory. 500GB HDD. Basically an Aspire E 15 Start. 2.16GHZ. x64Bit Processor. Based on these specs, what is the latest version of Unreal i could run?

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but you’re going to struggle running any version of UE4 with that computer. However, for the low low price of about $500, you can build a much better computer capable of running UE4 well. Note I said well. Not great, and sometimes not good. If you can’t afford it, change the engine scalability settings to low.

Boson 4.0 - $400 Gaming PC Build (2017) - YouTube The PC build if you’re interested

That’s a shame, but i guess i didn’t buy my pc for development originally anyway. I probably wouldn’t build my own custom pc, is there any pre-made model that can run UE4? Guess at the moment I should leave the game dev to the pro’s, unless there is any engine that would work on my specs? What about Unity?

Ok, you can run unity on your computer, but I switched over to unreal from unity. Unreal is so much more user friendly. There’s a lot of reasons why I think unreal is better, but the main but it’s how fast I can iterate. Things which would take me an hour in unity take about twenty minutes in unreal.

I didn’t do a bunch of research because I’m at work, but basically, you want something with at least 8gb of RAM, a decent graphics card (1050 ti is great for it’s price). If you knew what you’re doing or are willing to look it up (it’s not hard) you can build a good development PC for $500-$1000. If you need more info on this, let me know.

Thanks for the information. Guess I will have to wait till I have enough spare cash to buy a developer pc, for now I guess I will have to look elsewhere. Unless UE3 or lower could work on my computer, but i’m not gonna try unless I know it would work.

One thing I’ve learned working in a small indie team is that you wear many hats. I’m the lead designer and programmer because that’s what I do best, however, I also know a little about 3d modeling using Blender (something which can run on your computer), I can make our modify texture in GIMP (something your computer can run) I pretty good at making music with FL Studio (something which can run on your computer). You see where I’m going with this? There’s a lot more that goes into games than using the engine, and unless you’re working for a huge company, you’re going to have to learn multiple things. If you’re already on a team, look at what skills your team doesn’t have, and try to learn one of those.

On a different note, while I did switch from unity to unreal, I learned a lot about things which apply to creating any game, so if your dead set on getting an engine and creating that way, unity will run on your computer, but like I said, now would be a good time to specialize in a different area as you’ll probably need to anyways.

I have 4.6 CPU
NVidia GeForce 2080i RTX
16 GB ram

Starting new blank projects in 4.26.1 will not load past 45% - I have never had issues with older verisons. I want to use this version so that I can use raytracing.
Can’t find any help.