Unreal Editor (4.21) doesent start on linux

When i try to start the Unreal Editor on Ubuntu 18.04.1 i get an error(in a STEAM window):“Plugin ‘SteamVR’ failed to load because module ‘SteamVR’ could not be loaded. There may be an operating system error or the module may not be properly setup.”. The terminal gives me this warning:

LogCore: Warning: dlopen failed: /home/sebastian/Programme/UE4/4.21_SourceCode/UnrealEngine-4.21/Engine/Binaries/Linux/…/…/…/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/OpenVR/OpenVRv1_0_16/linux64/libopenvr_api.so: undefined symbol: __dso_handle
LogModuleManager: Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module ‘/home/sebastian/Programme/UE4/4.21_SourceCode/UnrealEngine-4.21/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Steam/SteamVR/Binaries/Linux/libUE4Editor-SteamVR.so’ because the file couldn’t be loaded by the OS.

When i look into the folder i don’t see the file. It is maybe missing.
I hope you people can help me out with that.

You must have pulled the sources during an unlucky window when the (upcoming) 4.21.2 was broken. This is already fixed in 4.21 branch. Note that if you used the “release” branch (which is currently at 4.21.1) you would have not run into this problem :slight_smile:

thank you ill try that out ;D