Unreal Editor 4.20.2 Loading Stuck At 35%

I’ve decided to start messing around in Ue4 to prototype a game I’ve been working on. The problem is that any time I try to load my editor it gets stuck at 35% during the initialization. I’ve tried uninstalling multiple times and it does nothing. Please help!

Have you waited a bit before kill the process? Because maybe (99% sure) it’s compiling shaders and you just have to be patient

Same problem for me :confused:

Experiencing this at the moment. I believe ZioYuri is right that it is compiling shaders in the background. On the machine I’m using, this has taken well over 20 minutes before now, so I suggest waiting awhile. I’m about to leave it running over lunch and I’ll update here if it worked.

UPDATE: It’s just ticked over to 45% as I’m leaving, so the solution is to leave it for as long as it needs.

If you’re ever unsure, launch the engine with Visual Studio attached - you can see in the Output Log exactly what it’s doing.