Unreal editor 3.0 and my story

I develop games and been doing since 1998. I’ve used Kinetix back then and I like to own the software physical if can as all software today is all subscription base. I don’t get much time to work on my games as I have to work around 60hour work weeks. Trying to just release my game and get it out and make that my main job and income then working a basic labor job. I have the novels and background lore done (been done for years) for my series and remaking my games that were done back in the very early 2000s that were a fps. If interested in a sneak stealth game like MGS or SCell just look up Half/Bryan on fb or YT, Don’t think I can give links on here.

But asking the question is I got Unreal tournament 03-04 and 3 and got them as it says you can build your own game using Maya which I use to own maya but have 3ds max 2009 as the maya required an online key and severs are offline now. Says can Build your own game in the UnrealED. So is this the Unreal Engine 2-3 software? Around 2004 I started using the Source Engine and liked the easy layout and was close to Kinetix but didn’t see a way to make a stand alone game but was just a map editor.

(couldn’t fine any other tools and read that you can build stand alone game in Source but need to pay a $25k Havok license)

  So would this just be a map editor as well or is the back of the game case miss leading saying build your own games in Unreal?  Also if I can build in this engine I am fine with the PS2/PS3 era of graphics as I am more for story and lore then just graphics.  And yes I know I should use the Unreal Engine 4-5 but my PC can't run it well.  It is good but not the best for heavy use.  I am currently using my boxed copy of Clickteam Multimedia Fusion 2 with update 2.5 for building my game but still would like to build in real 3D.
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