Unreal doesnt detect rider as an IDE

i just installed rider from its website, and then I created a project and opened it up, then when I tried to create a c++ it says no compiler was found. but in editor preferences it says that the default IDE is Rider, what is wrong here? version is 4.27

You still need to install MSVC compiler from vs studio with latest .net framework as well.
The req can be found here: Before you start | JetBrains Rider

sorry i don’t understand which one is MSVC. should this one be checked?
Annotation 2021-09-03 004543

i wish they would have precise exactly on jetbrains doc but you will have to test it one by one, it from the standalone tab and check for anything having MSVC, again you gonna test it since i guess it will have dependencies with other modules.

If you already have installed and updated your Visual Studio 2019 to the latest version, try this out:

First of all, set your code editor to VS 2019 and then see if you still see the error. If not, compile your code with VS 2019.

If not, set your code editor to the Rider version that has (installed) in front of it.

If you’re not sure about the update process, search for Visual Studio Installer and using that, update your VS 2019. Of course, make sure you have Game development with C++ checked.

And also, have you not installed multiple Rider editors on your machine?